February 9, 2023

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Hockey Bolzano, CEO of Dieter Knoll, speaks: “An unsatisfactory season. Team cuts”

Although several weeks have passed, it is still difficult to find anything positive in the last season. As we know, due to sporting events and outdoor events clearly,HCB South Tyrol Albria Failed to reach the minimum declared seasonal target to qualify for the playoffs, for the first time since entering the Central European Championship in 2013“.

Thus begins the summary by noting that the CEO of the red and white hockey club Dieter Knoll Has publicly released to assess the situation, not only in relation to the limitations and difficulties 2021/2022 season.

From a sporting point of view – pointing knoll – Our team has inconsistency All season. And strong performances constantly alternated with others with severe weakness and a change of coach, unfortunately, did not lead to the desired results.

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano

Newly signed foreign players Strive to live up to expectations They were pinned in and most of those confirmed, ex-stars of the team, failed to match the performance of previous seasons. In the end, Indeed, the Foxes lost their competitive edge permanently with a wave of Covid hitting the locker room in its hottest phase.

Unfortunately, the prolongation of the epidemic situation appeared in the stands. Various restrictions made it impossible to go to the stadium in complete relaxation all year round. So I would like to take this opportunity Thank our fans, who supported our team in Palaonda despite the adverse circumstances. We can only hope that with the start of the new season, in September, things will return to normal“.

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still: “Another thanks to us Loyal sponsors and partnerswho continue to support us despite the difficult public situation without which participation in the ICE Hockey League would not be possible.

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano

As it is known, when the season ends, the next season begins immediately and behind the scenes work continues with vigor and determination. However, we still have to wait for some basic conditions, especially regarding league regulations relating to the composition of the roster, It will be clarified once and for all before HCB can publish any news“.

However we can expect it There will be cuts and deep changes in the team. Of course, priority will be given to local players, the choice of coach, goalkeeper and various foreign translators. The aim is to strengthen the existing “imports” the young and hungry.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Captain Anton Bernard For his professional and exemplary commitment during the thirteen seasons in our jersey. Anton is not only an exceptional ice hockey player, but also an extraordinary person, he always gave everything he had and did not shirk from the difficulties and responsibilities that a position such as the leader’s position could bring.“The conclusion of the knoll.

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano

Advertising – La Voce di Bolzano