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Serie A, no agreement on the statute: the commissioner decides

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There is no agreement between the Serie A clubs on the statute: the commissioner ad acta Gennaro Terracciano, who today explained at the meeting the changes that will be presented tomorrow to FIFA, will now speak.

“Lega Serie A clubs met today in an online assembly to address the issue of adapting the statute to the principles of federal information. Also in attendance was Acta Commissioner Gennaro Terracciano who explained his mandate and explained the changes to the statutes of the association before it is submitted to FIFA for evaluation tomorrow.”

So the companies participating in the meeting failed to reach agreement on adapting a text Primary law For the guidelines that the union voted on last November, in particular on the question of majority (which would go from two-thirds to a simple majority in some resolutions).

In particular, in recent weeks, the confrontation between clubs has veered over the majority required to obtain the green light by the Association of Clubs on the “administration of collective non-audio-visual rights”, that is, the part of commercial and sponsorship rights that it does not regulate. Melandri’s Law. (including for example rights related to the blockchain and metaverse), which is worth about 50 million but is one of the fastest growing revenue streams in recent seasons of the top flight.

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