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Hockey: An evening to forget for Ingas in Lodi

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Vercelli were defeated 5-2 by Lodi and never made the match – now a European debut

Versailles (13.12.2022 – 23.41) – Engas Vercelli is badly located in Lodi in anticipation of the 12th day of the A1 rink hockey tournament. Team Roberto Crudelli They lost 5-2 to Pala Castellotti at the end of a match played below expectations, especially after a good performance last Saturday against Valdagno. In the first 40 minutes Tatarani And his teammates dominated the home team, which maintained a frantic pace. Only in the final, when Lodi slowed down, Engas was able to score and make the difference less heavy (the partial was about 15 minutes before the final siren 5-0 for the Gelurusi).

The evening will therefore be reset, also in view of the European debut scheduled for December 16-18 in Noisy Le Grand, in France, at the World Skate Europe, what was once called the Cers Cup. Vercelli goals have been scored before Diogo Neves And the Kanet; Those from Lodi who Najira (Arch), Giovanetti, Elvis Nunes and barbers. In the last advance of the day, Sarzana’s coup, who won (6-4) in Forte dei Marmi.

And Engas is still 17 points clear of the standings, with qualification to the Coppa Italia quarter-finals already in his pocket since last Saturday. Between tomorrow, Wednesday 14th December, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th, the other matches that will finish on the 12th will be decided. We’ll be back on track on Wednesday, December 21st. Nerogiallovdi who will host Bassano at Pala Pregnolato on the 13th day, the last of the first round and the last in 2022.

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On the 17th on Friday there will instead be a European debut against France’s CS Noisy Le Grand; The next day, Saturday December 18th, at 3 pm, the match of the Spanish team Finques Prats CE Lleida.

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