December 6, 2023

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Track Hockey Serie A1, BDL Correggio back to victory after 73 days Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest News Reggio Emilia |

Correggio (Reggio Emilia) – 73 days after the first seasonal success, the BDL Correggio He returns to win the Serie A1 Championship by defeating the bottom 10-2 Matera. Success on the last day of 2021 doesn’t change a team’s standings Pablo Jara But she is only one length closer to him than Sandrigo, the twelfth. Fourth point in the last three games: after a draw with its guest Bassano (2-2) and painstakingly stood against Monza, another sign of the Reggio team’s growth that has begun to accompany results in terms of performance. To stand out in success against the Lucanians were arcs Alvaro Osorio’s photo (in the picture), Max Thiel so Enrico Zucchiati. A good match for the German player Correggio Hockey, who performed well in both defense and attack, and scored the second goal in a row after Monza (his 8 goals in the season, on par with Osorio). goal too Andrea Fantozzi (13 in the league) H Gabriel Tudela (5). To emphasize the first few times of Eduardo Reggie e Alessio Caroli, both born in 2003, scored the first goal of his career in the Serie A1 Championship. An important milestone that the two players who grew up in Correggio Hockey’s youth sector will not forget. The next appointment is in 2022 for the biancorossoblu team that will face Grosseto in Maremma on Wednesday January 5th, at 8.45pm.

Match report:

BDL Correggio: Errico, Zucchiatti, Fantozzi, Thiel, Osorio – Tudela, Righi, Caroli, Casari, and Salines. Everyone.: Pablo Jara.
HP Matera: Xiloyannis, Depalma, Amendolagin, Piozzini, Santeramo – Corrado, Clemente, Santochirico, Lamparona, Chieco. Everyone.: Emmanuel Santocherico.
the reviewerBy: Louis Hyde Briganzi and Matteo Righetti from Sarzana.
Networks: pt 6’29” Osorio (C), 9’00” and 17’51” Zucchiatti (C) – st 35″ Tudela (C), 1’56” Fantozzi (C), 8’42” Santeramo (M) , 11’58 “Thiel (C), 14’59” Osorio (C), 16’33 “Thiel (C), 22’37” Righi (C), 23’59” Corrado (M), 24’06” Karolyi (C).
note 8-8 team errors. Blue cards shown for Buzzini (M, 16’21” point), Casari (C, 20’29” point); in Lampasona (M, 14’57” Street).

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The eleventh day program of Serie A1 tournament:

Gamma Innovation Sarzana-Edilfox Grosseto 4-3;
Telea Medical Sandrigo-Tierre Chimica Montebello 2-3;
BDL Correggio-HP Matera 10-2;
Aatori Wasken Lodi-Galileo Follonica (postponed until 12/1);
GSH Trissino-Ubroker Bassano (postponed until 12/1);
Why Sport Valdagno – Ingas Vercelli 4-3;
Gds Impianti Forte dei Marmi-Teamservicecar Monza 7-0.

Classification: Trisino * 30; Volonica * 23; Vercelli and Forte dei Marmi 21; Bassano * 20; Grosseto 19; Lodi* and Sarzana 16; Montebello and Valdagno 12; Monza 11 Sandrigo 8 BDL Correggio 7; Matera 0.
* Less race