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Hockey: Amateur, it’s the decisive week for the Coppa Italia network

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Hockey: Amateur, it's the decisive week for the Coppa Italia network
  • Tuesday 22 February 2022

Between tomorrow evening, Wednesday February 23 and Saturday 26, the last two days of the first round of the Serie A1 hockey tournament will be restored, at the end of which the Italian Cup quarter-final double will be known. Seven teams have already sold their tickets, Trissino, Follonica, Forte dei Marmi, Vercelli, Bassano, Amatori and Grosseto, while the last place is vying for Sarzana, Valdagno and Montebello with the current favorite Ligurians. All intersections in the quarters and therefore the entire scoreboard have yet to be determined, given that only 100 minutes from the end of the first game Ticeno is sure of his first position while all the others, from Follonica second down, can change to standing. On the results of these last two days. Speech that naturally also applies to the Amatori swatch of the tricolor coccidiosis. In the going standings, Brisciani’s team is currently sixth, equal to Grosseto on points and in the next 100 minutes they will try to improve their position by striving for at least fourth place which means playing the quarter-finals inside friendly walls. . Tomorrow’s match in Bassano will already be decisive, a very difficult challenge that, in addition to counting the Coppa Italia, is a kind of “play-off” for second place, with the two teams pairing up with 35 points.

Read the in-depth article on “The Citizen” on newsstands on Tuesday, February 22

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