Home sport Hockey, a parody butterfly that punishes Polisportiva Valverde at home

Hockey, a parody butterfly that punishes Polisportiva Valverde at home

Hockey, a parody butterfly that punishes Polisportiva Valverde at home

Bitter return for the Polisportiva hockey girls Valverde. Today, at noon, within the friendly walls of the “Comunale” in Via Seminara, the Etna team participated in the match against HCC Butterfly, valid for the eighth day of the Italian Serie A.

The winners of the Capitoline, putting themselves 0-1, at the end of an unsurprising match. The start was made by Etna, where the hosts won three short films in the first 8 minutes. On each of these occasions, Justina Paz becomes dangerous. But Valverde’s sporting match was interrupted shortly afterwards due to an injury that occurred in the 11th minute and forced her to leave the field early. A piece of tile emboldens the Romans, who at the end of the first quarter became dangerous at first with Purmida and then struck with a blow from Clara Ramon. Valdesi’s reaction runs through the initiatives of Guadalupe Russo Andini, who first forces Di Paola into a high swerve and then hits the net with a short fourth that is beaten by Etneas. We go to the dressing room with the guests in the foreground. In the second half, the rhythms drop, Valverde conquers the other shorts, but without being able to take advantage of them. In the last attack, Trinidad Conalby tries to hit the opponent’s area, developing a scrum, but the extreme opponent is thwarted. It ends with the joy of the Roman women, while it’s time to meditate on Valverdese.

After the match, the coach from Etna, Trinidad Cannon, explained: “We also prepared the game well. We followed the tactical dictates, and from this point of view the girls did what they had to, and they worked admirably without the ball. We suffered a bit from Justina’s injury. But The girls continued to play well, and also won 8 short corner kicks, indicating that we managed to get into the area several times, while conceding very little to our opponents. But we were not very clear. In the 22 meters we had other ideas Obviously. It was our fault. Mistakes in the shorts. During the week we will talk about it with the girls and we will be back to work on it. It was this aspect that made the difference.

Then the Argentine coach adds: “For us, the win today was important, because it was one of the few matches that we will play here at Valverde. From now until the end of the season we will only compete in three indoor and nine outdoor. It was not an advantage to play four games in a row at home to begin with. Then it starts. Someone said we asked, but it’s not, it’s a false statement. So I don’t think it’s a fair tournament, going five in a row away from home is difficult, especially for those of us who have to play very far every time.”


POLISPORTIVA VALVERDE: Marletta, Buti, Varela, B. Conalbi Lacroix, T. Conalbi Lacroix, Bonfiglio, Paz, Baldanza, R. Mirabella, Russo Andini, Servadio, Fresta, Cuccurullo, Pistorio, Landro, Marcos. Coach: Kanon

HCC ButterflyDi Paola, Bianchini, Pontorno, Bormida, Ciofolini, Colucci, Franceschini, Grossi, Hagmans, Moringer, Novick, Peperno, Platania, Ramon, Vera. Coach: Cirelli

Signs: Ramon at 14 ‘points

Referees: Colletta-S. Angus

DTC: Marya

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