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Alternative fuel comes that will save you a fortune

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This is how a clean future of transportation can be opened. Regardless of the increase in petrol and diesel prices

Fuel – petrol or diesel – has reached unprecedented numbers in recent months and even these days. A real drain for those who are forced to use their car for work. The Italian government has intervened and will intervene. But perhaps a solution to this kind of situation is around the corner. This is an invention that will revolutionize the automotive world.

Gasoline (web source)

As mentioned, The government headed by Mario Draghi, over the past few months, has intervened several times over tax cuts in an effort to ease fuel costs, which have increased further since February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

The government intervened by offering a discount on fuel that will last at least until July 8. The last clause was also extended to methane as the excise tax is now equal to zero euros per cubic meter and the value-added tax has been reduced to 5%. The intervention saves about 30 cents per liter, gasoline and diesel 10 cents for LPG and we are evaluating an additional extension of the discount because unfortunately the price dynamics of the fuel is still increasing.” This was stated by Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti in a speech in the past few hours.

We might not have had these problems if we invested more in green mobility, as it now seems everyone wants to do. Investments of nearly $330 billion over the next three years, reaching a sales volume of $5,000 billion in 2030. These are the data that emerge from the study provided by Protolabs that is part of the European Union’s choice to ban the sale of cars powered by petrol, diesel or Gas as of 2035. But the tipping point may be closer.

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new fuel

New that we are talking about is the work of the Swiss company Synhelion, which has developed the so-called solar fuel, which can be used on any engine running on any fuel. In fact, solar fuels are compatible with conventional planes, ships, trucks and cars. The day we fuel our cars with solar fuel will be the day we start moving sustainably.

Solar Energy (Synhelion official website) 5.7.2022 quattromania
Solar Energy (Synhelion official website)

Synthetic fuels are liquid fuels that have essentially the same properties as fossil fuels but are produced artificially. They can be used in the same way that fossil fuels are used around the world. For example, synthetic jet fuel, diesel or gasoline can be produced for conventional airplanes, ships, trucks and cars. The main difference between fossil fuels and synthetic fuels is the way they are produced. Fossil fuels are made up over millions of years underground from organic matter that turns into coal, natural gas, or oil. Synthetic fuels are produced by simulating these natural processes using renewable resources.

The heat generated is converted into synthesis gas, a mixture that turns into a fuel such as gasoline or diesel. From Switzerland, then, the idea of ​​replacing fossil fuels with synthetic fuels. This is how a clean future of transportation can be opened. Regardless of the rise in gasoline and diesel prices.

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