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Hippocrates and his “disciples”. Doctor’s Day is back

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“Continuing to keep the value of medical sciences at the forefront, with reference to scientific evidence, existing guidelines and good practices, this has been done and implemented by order and this was the leitmotif of the Day of the Doctor,” hence President Fulvio Borromeo made the now traditional appointment, which It was promoted by the guild of surgeons and dentists of the province of Ancona, which became a reference point for the class and for the city itself and able to consolidate and renew its principles every year. Science is always at the center of the doctor’s attention and activity, science as an indispensable guide to the practice of the profession, science as a model to follow as a model: the day of the doctor is now more than ever charged with these meanings after two years of a pandemic and a commitment to the arduous and tireless fight against the virus, with many deaths professionals in the field and many others on the front lines.

“Doctor’s Day is also this recognition of the value of the profession and the commitment that doctors instill in their daily professional lives, and this commitment must be portrayed and accepted rigorously and with gratitude by the system,” said Still Borromian. there
As usual, the day was also an opportunity for the new white coats to take the Hippocratic Oath, an essential moment that cannot be missed not only from a symbolic but also concrete point of view. “It is an important element – continues President Borromeo – because it introduces young people to the new profession, puts them in contact with the system itself, with its founding principles, it is the beginning of a career that must be built.” The meeting and comparison with previous generations was decisive: another pillar of Doctor’s Day was in fact the granting of doctors 25, 50, 60 years after graduation, the experience that gives way to enthusiasm, the story that unites with the present
professionals. The gratitude and appreciation of those who celebrate their martyrdom has long been a long-awaited moment, a snapshot of a profession that has deep and solid roots and is capable in any case of renewing itself thanks to the capacity and will of its young people. In fact, scholarships dedicated to Giorgio Vanese and Doris the Young Hippocrates – Sergio Cassia, scholarships were also introduced last year that rewarded research to combat the Corona virus and named after Dr. Roberto Stella, the first doctor who disappeared due to the virus. During the day there was also a presentation of the book by Dr. Roberto Antonicelli, “Comunicare in Medicina”. Or the lost art of “talk” in amber. This too, the aspect of dialogue with the citizen, is a fixed point in the physician’s behaviour, “because communication is an essential element of the doctor-patient relationship, and only by communicating appropriately can we be sure that they can follow through.”
In addition, Dr. Guido Sampaolo, member of the Science Transversal Charter on Scientific Evidence and Relevance, made a speech. “The OMCEO in Ancona was the first order in Italy to sign the Science Transversal Charter in 2019, the document The five-point plan prepared by the scientists Guido Silvestri and Roberto Borioni to give a concrete start to an alliance between doctors, scientists, politicians and journalists to fight against fake news ”confirmed Dr. Arcangela Guerrieri, Adviser to the Secretary of OMCEO Ancona. Finally, additional doctors were awarded the third “episode” of the journey that began Last year, they were distinguished by their commitment to combating the Corona virus and those who received special benefits to carry out their activities.

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