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For Aosta Calcio 511 comes a new lot

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The hosts take an important point after a match that saw them win in terms of tactics and possession.

Starting in the first half there are many opportunities that Ostani created in and outside the penalty area. first and foremost Thiago Cali, who attempted in the second minute of play a diagonal shot from the right wing, which ended outside the left post of the opponent’s goal. An equally unfortunate result characterizes the following two immediate actions in which machirona Failed to center the mirror on the door. The first goal came completely unexpected, and Atletico Nervesa took advantage of the neglect of the owners of the land and Leandrino Exceed scratch The Sixth minute From the first half, his team was in the lead. almost, Easter Holiday Twice within a minute he tried to take advantage of a pass on the left wing and quickly stunned his opponents. But in both cases the ball ends up in the hands of the Atletico goalkeeper. in the eighth minute Leandrino Recreates the same situation created by Cali in the second minute but got a more fortunate result, as he managed to take the inside of Frezzato’s left post and bring his team 2-0. Despite the score, Usta in the first half of the first half was much more energetic than the opposing team, even if it was worse. A clear example of all of this1 for 1 Placed in the ninth minute between Little And the opposing goalkeeper, as the number 15 falls to the ground due to a muscle spasm and fails to reach the score. To close this unfortunate sequence we believe Easter Holiday who scored a goal. Number 10 was able to clear the defense by moving horizontally towards the center of the Atletico area and scoring. 1-2 . grid. The 14th minute It seems that the Blues, Atletico Nervesa, wake up and create more chances than the rest of the match. After a minute, the situation is reversed Easter Holiday need a A perfect cross in Calli that swells tie net.

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The first four minutes of the second half were very intense, with Calli, Paschoal, Zatsuga e Mascherona Over and over again to reach the result. to me the fifth minute From the second half though Bellomo managed to serve Rixbag The point of 3-2. Thinking about restoring balance to the situation ugly who records network 3-3 Taking advantage of an action that started with a free kick by Atletico Nervesa and ended with a loud kick in front of the mirror of the goal he is defending. living. Despite the countless opportunities created for Aosta, the goal of the feature failed to reach it the twentieth minute From the second half, the result remains constant 3-3.

Same field and same score last week for Usta, who only got one point Failed to climb Leonardo in group order. Climb arrangement is therefore postponed to next Saturday, when al Montfleuri Sports Center Square NSAosta Football 511 Will compete with the penultimate in the ranking Sesto.

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