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Here comes the “tire bonus”: who can get 200 euros

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Change your tires the cars Motorcycles when worn are important to travel safely and to avoid penalties but also to be mindful of consumption. With this in mind, but to provide economic support to this dual period of crisis (the war and Covid), Lega, Movimento Cinque Stelle and Forza Italia have proposed three amendments to allow “Bonus Frames“It is 200 euros to be included in the energy law decree. So, it is still a proposal but let’s see who will be able to take advantage of this potential new measure.

Who is eligible to receive the reward?

reward would help Buy tires with grades A or B markings, which are ideal for their ability to stick to wet asphalt. The benefit will be awarded to more than 100 thousand people, and, according to what was leaked, the government will provide an amount equal to 20 million euros. Also according to the first rumors, income from ISEE should not be a prerequisite for taking advantage of the bonuses that will be available to everyone until the money runs out but only for those who want to change the best C1 tires. as we readbehind the wheelThe voucher will be valid until December 31, 2022 and the discount will be made directly by the tire dealer who will receive the refund within 120 days of receipt. This action, like many others granted in the past, cannot be sold to third parties or will be valid Effective as taxable income.

What the modifications contain

In order to achieve the reduction of carbon dioxide in road transport, as well as reduce the impact of increasing fuel prices for citizens and increase the level of fleet safety.We read in part of the text of the modifications you reported Courier service. The choice of reward only for categories A and B is due to “Properties of these tires in terms of both rolling resistance and wet grip standards“: In fact, according to specialized analyzes, these types of tires allow 5-7% lower fuel consumption and up to 30% shorter braking distance than C-class and low-end tyres.

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It must be remembered that about 10 years after the entry into force of the first European labels on tires, on May 1, 2021, a new label came into force as stipulated by EU Regulation 2020/740: it was emphasized that the use of more technological tires should Lead to forms of incentives in each individual country.

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