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Hepatitis, Pediatrics Union: “Some confirmed facts about cases in children, wait for scientific answers”

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The Italian Federation of Pediatricians (Fimp) announced that “at the moment there are no confirmed facts” regarding this type of acute hepatitis

The former president of Italian Association of Pediatricians (Vimbe), Paolo Biasi, in an interview with Adnkronos صحة Healthcommented in the form of acute hepatitis which has spread to children in recent weeks.

Hepatitis for children –

At the moment, we are not sure about this type of acute hepatitis in children. As in all viral situations, unfortunately, it has already happened in recent years, when such a case emerges we have to wait for the science to run its course. There is no point in trying to give answers that may be inaccurate, useless, or even counterproductive at this time.‘ explains Biasi.

The pediatrician assures that at such a moment, the danger is “Giving partial answers which, then, are considered “wrong” and risk disrupting communication directed at families. We are now at a stage where scientific investigations and major observational activities are underway. These are the two essential elements to address an emerging problem» shine.

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