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“Hell,” Mimo Palladino’s filming has begun in Sanyo

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Benevento – Filming began in mid-December’big fire‘ From Mimo Palladino. Produce Play the movie By Alessandro and Andrea Cannavale with Rai Cinema and contribution from the Campania Region Film Commission.
take first Badoli, the country of origin of the artist who returned behind the camera after sixteen years. after the movie Quixote, taken from Don Quixote for Cervantes and filmed in 2006, Palladino decided to try his hand at another monument to world literature, comedy by Dante Alighieri.
“I always wanted to make a second movie. What script is better than The Divine Comedy, at least the hell? As Andrei Tarkovskij said: Cinema is a light-painted canvas. That means I will paint again” Director A has said panorama. “Cinema is fun, it’s a choral work with endless surprises.”

In the year commemorating the 700th anniversary of the death of the great poet, Paladino, one of the most famous and internationally recognized Italian artists, the absolute protagonist of Transavanguardia, dedicates his new feature film to the vocals of Paolo and Francesca.
In Dante, played by a non-actor, he will be practically silent and accompanied by Virgil, as the artist explains, “Which I imagine as a necromancer, a notoriously mysterious figure. But there’s not just the characters, there’s the cradle we all know about. I refer above all to our culture in Campania. A nativity scene has a hierarchical face, full of different characters and humanity. Dante and Virgil will visit this kind of nativity scene, meeting from Paolo and Francesca to Conte Ugolino and Caronte. Then Pythagoras, Giordano Bruno, also a railway worker. This is the small mechanism of my subject. In the end they turned out to be poor actors playing a role. It’s just a stage show, just like the Divine Comedy.”

The cast has many non-actors but also many big names like Tony Servillo Who will take on the role of Count Ugolino, Laurie Anderson, wife of the late Lou Reed, as Lucifer, and more Alessandro NewsAnd Francesco de Gregory e Sergio Rubini. After the first week of laying in Badoli, shooting will resume in the spring and the city of Benevento will be the backdrop for new scenes, before the last shooting in Puglia.

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