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A very dangerous asteroid, it is closer than the moon: danger to the stars

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Asteroid near Earth –

On April 18, there was a close encounter with an asteroid near Earth – something that could not have been predicted before.

As usual, an asteroid is expected to arrive near Earth NASA Long before it came close to our planet, it wasn’t like that this time around.

Asteroid 2023 HH passed near the moon, flying over the ground On April 18, 2023 at a distance 143,839 km. Transferred in 14.49 Italian time, and his arrival was expected only two days before the meeting.

asteroids They are celestial bodies similar in composition to the planets, and the diameter of each of them may vary About ten meters, up to 100 km. In order to avoid collision with our planet, NASA is studying objects near us and their trajectory, This is to ensure that these do not lead to a possible collision with the Earth, or at least to find us prepared for what happened.

Although there is ongoing monitoring and more than 600,000 asteroids have already been numbered and cataloged, NASA is aware that there are still hundreds of thousands of asteroids to be discovered in space. For ordinary people, the word asteroid always causes some pain, But do we really know what it is?

Why should asteroids be controlled?

Usually, the team monitors the orbits of an asteroid near Earth Big Asteroid Challenge from NASA Which has the task of intercepting the object’s orbit long ago, in such a way that the Earth is safe from a possible collision. Let’s start with the assumption that The odds of an asteroid causing a dangerous collision are extremely lowbut in the event of a threat to Earth’s soil, NASA says so It can take 10 years of notice to prepare for a bailout.

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Asteroid –

Incredible timing given the discovery of the latest case only two days earlier. Paul Chodas, director of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies From NASA and MIT astronomer Richard Penzel, Comment out the solution if a collision occurs: “This is what we call the short notice scenario… Time is the most precious commodity you could want, if you were to face a real threat from a meteor.”Benzel said about it, claiming that Time is the only solution To find the most possible escape routes.

The scenario looks rather dramatic, but we are confident that science will advance. In any case, until this time we ran away, like the asteroid Apollo, whose dimensions are estimated not to exceed 10 metresOn April 18, she was just grazing the ground.

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