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Heart of Stone: International Reviews Rejects the Movie With Gal Gadot | Cinema

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stone heart It finally arrived on Netflix: the action movie with Gal Gadot, directed by Tom Harper, was not received by critics in a particularly positive way, at least according to what emerged from the first reviews I collected. Rotten tomatoes And Metacritic.

Here are some excerpts:

consequence – “Heart of Stone” is one of those rare streaming movies that doesn’t start with a meticulously medias action sequence, followed by a “Sometime Before” tagline and flashbacks to simpler days.

Watchman – Gal Gadot leads the latest ambitious debut of the Netflix streaming series, which delivers enough silly summertime fun to pique our curiosity for more developments.

USA Today Various spy clichés fill out director Tom Harper’s globe-trotting story, though Gadot’s charm and strong character design help counteract the film’s craziest plot twists.

during – The film does its job and is sure to do well. It doesn’t hurt that Gadot has an engaging chemistry with co-star Jamie Dornan.

IndieWire — naturally, the film paves the way for a sequel or two, another franchise to feed the algorithm, more artificial entertainment for consumption, and another screen to watch. Next time, we humbly ask, can we get something more human?

The New York Times —and yet, even if the computer’s antics seem funny, they’re more exciting than the mundane espionage thrills of the movie.

empire Among the most innocuous of all Netflix originals, Heart Of Stone is a utterly watchable and often silly yet entertaining film whose mission to outdo Ethan Hunt may prove impossible.

diverse – What makes Heart of Stone such a frustrating experience isn’t its incompetence, but the fact that nothing inside matters. All the hustle and bustle, all the empty logistics, all the default screens like Minority Report and the loud rage that means nothing. In other words: It’s time to start planning for Part Two.

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slash movie – “Heart of Stone” is a heavy, boring two-hour movie that seems to last twice as long. Where action scenes don’t seem like dull echoes of other, better movies, they’re put together in an unobtrusive way.

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