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Taiwan representative in Italy Andrea Sing-ying Lee: “We have the same blood, but in their blood there are Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, in our rejection”

“Fear is no, prudence and concern of the people yes,” explains Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, Taiwan’s representative in Italy, when we asked him whether In Taipei, they were really afraid of the Chinese invasion. “People continued to live normally, and flights and sea transport continued as well: they just made some detours to avoid the area. He Fourth Strait CrisisBut this time, the pressure increased.

What could happen now?

«China did This tutorial claiming that Nancy Pelosi has crossed the red lineBut here’s an excuse: Speaker Newt Gingrich came in 25 years ago and did nothing. But now she is stronger, more powerful and can withstand these coercive measures. They think they have achieved a positive result and will try to repeat it in the future, but they cannot do anything else: Taiwan has always been well defended and China knows it is not easy to attack. We are trying to reduce tension because we did nothing to provoke them during the maneuvers and we will continue on this line of calm and a strategic military balance. It is our best defense, with determination, wisdom and caution. After this experience, everyone knows that Taiwan is a peaceful country.”

Why is Beijing talking about reviving or unifying Taiwan?

‘Because it’s an easy excuse calm internal disagreements, to continue to build a case to justify a strong army and warn against the example of Taiwan: It is not Chinese, but a society with deep Chinese culture and historical root that enjoys democracy, freedom, human rights but also technology and social and economic development. It is their denial, an example of what China would be like if it were free and democratic, and in Beijing they fear it. Hence they have never had sovereignty over Taiwan, nor have they governed it since its birth in 1949. That is why they would be annexation.”

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Do you fear the economic consequences?

“I think there will be some small adjustments in the short term. In the medium and long term, at the moment, I don’t see a strong impact or a negative impact. We know them well and the economy is a practical thing: the legitimacy of the Communist Party goes from creating a prosperous society with growing prosperity. The Chinese want to go back to normal and they will also be affected by this crisis.”

What will the impact on Italy be?

With Italy, we have 5 billion euros per year of trade, which will not be affected by this unsuccessful embargo, just as investments will not be affected. For example Tsmc (the ninth company in the world in terms of capitalization, so) continued their operations in the United States and Japan and for some time they will come to study opportunities in Europe: if they invest, they will do it in Germany or Italy ».

Do you think Pelosi was unwilling to come?

«For us it was Regular visit of parliamentarians from friendly countries. This does not prove that Taiwan is more independent, free, sovereign and independent. For all of us friends, even the Chinese: it is the Beijing government that opposes Taiwan. They think that because they are richer, stronger and stronger they can attack us and frighten us all they want, but this is the logic of the jungle: those who are stronger can do whatever they want. They say we have the same blood, but in their blood there is Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, and it is not in our blood.”

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Do you think the United States should change its strategy?

“There may be some adjustments, some assessments, little changes to be able to think about the new reality that China wanted to create: the whole world has to adapt. For example, I think that in the future there will be greater convergence between the West and Taiwan, because if we do not We act as a counterweight, the Chinese will think they can do whatever they want. Like Russia with Ukraine: if it can take it, it can take Poland, Lithuania or the Baltic states and that’s not suitable for Europe.”

Are there really similarities with Ukraine?

“Taiwan is the 20th largest economy in the world, more than half of the semiconductors are made here, and it will be a much bigger problem than Ukraine. Then I always prepared for a possible Chinese attack. We also have a strait much wider than the Canal or Messina, which acts as a deterrent: China will need a million soldiers to attack us, and it is not easy to move them without being seen and shot down. Hence Taiwan is a democracy, which is part of the West: if no one defends us, even morally, they may threaten Japan or other countries in the Indo-Pacific. If Taiwan falls, the entire democratic alliance will fall. However, as in Ukraine, they will all lose: Taiwan, the world and even China, because they need us in the industrial supply chain ».

Are you going to upgrade the army?

“We are confident and determined to defend ourselves. Like Ukraine, we will ask for more modern weapons if necessary, but Taiwan has 210,000 soldiers and 2 million reservists and we have more missiles than we need to defend ourselves. We are porcupines and the Chinese know that attacking Taiwan will be fatal for them.” This time they made a more advanced and deeper simulation, but it is clear that they never thought of attacking militarily: they are fanatics, but they are not stupid.”

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