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He was a seller in Wuhan-

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The debate about the origin of the virus is reopening. Published in the journal Science, according to the study, the woman fell ill on December 11, 2019. The first official case was identified three days earlier, on December 8.

woman, A vendor in the large animal market in the heart of Wuhan, identified as First known case of Covid-19. According to a new study published in Science Magazine and by Virologist Michael WorbyThe woman was injuredDecember 11, 2019. Three days later, then, the case I had already referred toWorld Health Organization, or a man – an accountant who lived thousands of kilometers from Wuhan – who became infected on December 8.

It is possible to reopen the studio The debate about the origin of the epidemic. Have you started – and these are the two most considered possibilities so far – because Leap in virus types itself from wild animals sold in the market to humans, or because of Leak from the virology lab in Wuhan. A debate that has sparked geopolitical battles, with few clues and many open questions.

The scientist who signed the study, Michael Worby, works at the University of Arizona and one of the leading experts investigating the evolution of the virus. According to him there will be Time discrepancies in this storyIn particular, what has been disclosed by medical journals as well as by the Chinese authorities. By identifying the first known case of the woman who fell ill on December 11th, Worobey argues that there are strong links between the Wuhan market and the origin of the epidemic. in this city 11 million people – Al . announced The New York Times Half of the cases relate to a place the size of a football field. It becomes very difficult to explain this pattern if the epidemic does not start in the market.

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