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He got his nose in it while he was swimming in the river

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a Baby He died in United State After a rare suspected infection caused by ABrain-eating amoeba After the boy swam in a river in Nebraska. The story goes back to August 8, when the boy went swimming in the river Elkhorn. Symptoms appeared about five days after the day of infection. US health officials explained that the reason for the latter is Nigeria Follieri, known as the brain-eating amoeba. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed Friday that it found traces in the baby’s cerebrospinal fluid.

Brain-eating amoeba, so it can be fatal

We can only imagine the devastation this family must feel and our deepest condolences. “We can honor this child’s memory by educating ourselves about the risks, and then taking steps to prevent infection,” Douglas County Medical Director Lindsey Hoss said Wednesday. The CDC explained that the amoeba can enter the body through the nose when in water, where it then travels from the nose to the brain. Single-celled organisms such as brain-eating amoebas often thrive in warm freshwater lakes, rivers, canals, and ponds. Drought and heat—as a result of climate change—in Nebraska have made it easier for the river organism to thrive.

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