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Pescara Calcio: Retreat, equal right

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Pescara ball: a step back, in a tiramo equal right (0-0). The first half is fair, an anonymous rebound with zero shots and very few ideas. But in light of Entella’s knockout and pending Cesena-Reggiana postponement, the point shouldn’t be taken away.

In fact, the usual limit Al Bianazori confirmed it when they faced close teams. If the ball does not move fast, if there are no coded playsdifficult and complex to breach the opponent’s defenses.

Midfielders do not have the typical characteristics of pointers and play the ball on them. In such cases, the difference should be the attackers who, however, did not leave their mark.

Especially the exteriors: Disappointing clemencyAnd the Just a few D’Ursi fires This does not risk dribbling. He looks more like a 4-4-2 winger, always playing on the line and horizontally.

In short, Comparison of Uncut fluorescence test with Cesenaa step back, as everyone realized at the end of the game, was obvious.

We were expecting more but the point should not be discarded. In fact, Delfino dismissed Entella who is out of Grosseto and is at -1 from Cesena who will host Reggiana tomorrow (9pm).

In the offensive phase, the best things are in the first part: Excellent intervention by Perucchini in the right neighbourhood Dorseydiagonal providence my suppliersespecially online savings argon. Three chances generated by Single Signal, Counterattack, and Fixed Piece.

In the second half for sure Best tiramo Very well organized in the defensive phase with tight lines (first 5-4-1, then 5-3-2) but also bold and dangerous with Di Grazia, Bernardotto and Iacoboni.

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In the standings, 20 points difference. However, this was not noticed on the field.

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