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Billing snappy. Spilling 8 thousand euros for shops and restaurants

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For Confcommercio, the restaurant can pay an additional 8 thousand euros per year (photo archive)

For Confcommercio, the restaurant can pay an additional 8 thousand euros per year (photo archive)

For Confcommercio, the restaurant can pay an additional 8 thousand euros per year (photo archive)

For Confcommercio, the restaurant can pay an additional 8 thousand euros per year (photo archive)

A sting of tens of thousands of euros. Up to 20,000 for the hotel, more than 8,000 for the restaurant, and more than 6,000 for the store. In these early days of 2022, operators and retailers have to contend with a sudden surge in energy prices. To calculate how much business owners can spend in the coming months, if the rush of electricity and gas does not stop, is Confcommerciowho does not hesitate to defineA real emergency“Especially in the absence of containment measures. The National Research Office estimated that, even before Christmas, the largest spending by families was about 11 billion and in a jump of about 40 percent increased spending by companies. Specifically, between 38 and 42 per cent. If it is really family unit – Also thanks to inflation – he will find himself having to pay almost very expensive bills 500 euros more than in 2021 (Assumed on average 1959 euros for electricity and gas), The trader risks seeing his profits drop dramatically Faced with more and more substantial expenses.

For example, according to a Confcommercio note, the . file Shop with a power of 35 kilowatts and an annual consumption of 75 thousand kilowatts / hour, which is the largest account of Electricity bill will be more than 6 thousand euros annually, out of a total of 19 thousand euros. Among the cases examined was also that of A . A restaurant with a committed capacity of 50 kWh and a consumption of 100,000 kWh: in a year The largest expenditure will be around 8,500 thousand euros Of the total 28 thousand. Hotel price is higherOr with a committed capacity of 90 kWh and a consumption of 260 thousand kWh: this would amount to €20 thousand per year out of a total of 65 thousand. Added to this is the increase in gas for another 8 thousand euros, for the typical hotel from a total of 19 thousand euros per year.
Then there is a case Ground transportation companies, whose fuel operating costs are represented by 30 percent. But with the cost of LNG more than doubling in the past year, even this sustainable transportation solution has become “paradoxically inexpensive.”

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“For a company, it is difficult to compress these costs, without compromising the functioning of the business, while families, most likely, will have to part with other, so-called ‘non-binding’ expenses, with negative repercussions on consumption significantly. General ‘is a warning Director of Confcommercio Vicenza, Ernesto Buchero. Especially since, according to data from the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority, the price hike could be more significant, as it reached 55 percent in the first quarter of 2022 for electricity and 41 percent, 8% for gas. “Confcommercio, in addition to invoking, adopt Regulatory measures to make the country less vulnerable And subject to energy supply price fluctuations, join the chorus of requests from other categories, asked the government Adopting new measures to reduce energy and gas costs Otherwise – warns Boschiero -. There is a risk of jeopardizing the overall recovery Above all, it is the resistance of many small businesses that will not be able to withstand long under the blows of such increases.”

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