Home sport He defeated Serie B football / Ascoli in Frosinone, now with one foot in Serie A

He defeated Serie B football / Ascoli in Frosinone, now with one foot in Serie A

He defeated Serie B football / Ascoli in Frosinone, now with one foot in Serie A

The blacks and the whites come out of the “Stirpe” with their heads held high, but they can do nothing against Frosinone who are the masters of the tournament. Draw Genoa for Como and short for Bari who passes for Bolzano with S.uDeterol

Valesina, April 11, 2023 – The miracle disappointed men Robert Breda In reality Frosinone leaders. In a good match that confirmed the excellent momentum of the Bianconeri, the Gialloubli scored twice, first Lucioni At the end of the first half of the game, then with mules (close-up) At the beginning of the second half, he put the score in the safe.

Behind the Lazio players, it was Genoa which was accessed in how In the final despite the double advantage.

In third place, blow Barry Whoever wins measure A By weight with the streetuDeterol. The rooster’s victory cements third place, keeps the South Tyroleans at a safe distance, and always fourth.

resume Regina for “FuMy mood, for the second consecutive victory after a very difficult period. to triumph in last Wednesday’s rebound inmedicine“L Perugia actually, Today followed home with Veniceto beat 1-0.

in the key qualifiersan important external shot of Parma who passes a measurement fort, disturbing the local residents in the slums of the arrangement. Nothing was done between them Pisa And Cagliari which is still, for the time being, on qualifiers. 0-0 The end is also between Palermo And Cosenza.

Finally, far from a triumph Spal to Beneventoand a new rear upbringing, which was followed by the resignation of the local technician Roberto Stilone. As for the replacement, there is already talk of a comeback Fabio Casertawho actually led the Samnites during the season, only to be sacked and replaced Paul Cannavaro.

In addition to winning Spalwe go back to 3 points as well breccia to Daniel Gastaldellowhich beats 1-0 there Terni Give up last place in the ranking.


Black moment rather, for Perugia Mr. Fabrizio the beavers, who lost their second straight game at home. After faux bass with Regina In fact, today has arrived against Modena to Attilio Tesserwho managed to breachmedicine“L 1-0.

Meanwhile, the historic promotion of feralpisalò which winner Group A from C SeriesFor the first time in its recent history, in b series. The Lombards go to keep company there Catanzaroinstead of the winning company Group Cwho was actually promoted a few weeks ago after virtually dominating the tournament.

Among the artillery, he commanded labadula (Cagliari) with 16 networks to follow Shadira follower (Barry) with 15And Bronori affiliate Palermo-stop at altitude 14.

These are the next day’s races, 33ma The tournament, on Saturday, April 15: He listensSodterol, Bari-Como, Benevento-Reggina, Cagliari-Frosinone, Cosenza-Citadella, Genoa-Perugia, Modena-Parma, Spal-Brescia, Ternana-Pisa, Venice-Palermo

This is the order: Frosinone 66, Genoa 60, Bari 56, Südtirol 52, Reggina 48, Cagliari and Parma 47, Pisa 46, Palermo 43, Modena 42, Como and Ternana 40, Ascoli 39Venice, Cittadella and Cosenza 36, ​​Perugia 34, Spal 32, Brescia 31, Benevento 29

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