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He buys an electric SUV for 80,000 euros and finds out that it takes more than 4 days to recharge it in the garage

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Buy Electric SUVs of the latest generation and then discovers that it takes four days to fully charge it. In a video that went viral on YouTube, a man said excitedly that he had bought the new model Hummer EV for 2023 to the modified form of 80,000 Euro And to recharge it with electricity from his garage.

Avenger, here’s the first 100% electric Jeep. It is one of the citysuv cars produced in Europe, and it debuted at the Paris Motor Show

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The off-road vehicle – according to Leggo reports – has been sold to men as one of the most high-performance SUVs on the market, and certainly one of the most expensive. In addition, the guy rejoiced at the idea that he was able to recharge his car directly at home. Easy sure, but so convenient? Not really, since it would take, at best, about four days to fully recharge an SUV. On the other hand, if you have special equipment, the fee may be completed in just one day.

“Now it’s about 6pm on Tuesday, and it says it will be full by Saturday 10:55pm, which is over four days from charging. Oh,” says the man in the video posted to YouTube, not completely satisfied with his new purchase.

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