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HCMV Varese Hockey, also renewed Mazzacane and Captain Vanetti

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here you are Two other important certainties of HCMV Varese Hockey. The first relates to confirmation of Eclectic player like Eric Mazaganthe second relates instead In cooperation with Usta (Wrestlers) that have been agreed with farm team For the new season 2022-2023.

Eric Mazagan It’s an important confirmation and not just in how much the boy represents Fixed point defense giallonera, but also because it is one of the forts that has always embraced the cause and project of Varese. Last season he was among the most attended players in any competition ever.

Eric started offensively, then various coaches moved him to defense, initially for recruitment needs. Looking at the situations and characteristics of the game, his position has remained the same until today, improving year by year and also finding important plays, especially in the last season.

His past as a striker is an added value For the coach who, if necessary, will be able to move “Erik pawn” to the most advanced third in order to bring substance and physicality to the front lines in an emergency. Erik Mazzacane still knows how to adapt well in a different part of the ice, although he found after him in the stern. The 28-year-old really feels like a mastiff and his desire to stay in yellow and black illustrates this at length.

The Farm Team with Usta Wrestlers

Any humane law firm can Decide Partnering with another company that play in different chains, through which synergies, agreements and partnerships aimed at the mutual growth of young players under the age of 22 can be developed: HCMV Varese Hockey and Galdiators Aosta He formalized this agreement, giving continuity to what emerged between the 1977 Aostan and Varese Hockey Cooperative dealing with the training of young Mastiffs.

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As for the Training in international humanitarian lawmeans that a Gladiators player under 22 can be included in the yellow and black list and regularly participate in Varese First Team matches (both at home and away) and at the same time, a boy under 22 can be registered by HCMV Varese Hockey will be able to play in a formation The wrestlers in the Division 1 Championship, according to the needs and requests of both teams.

The farm team also anticipates another important possibility, which is the possibility Giving the children the opportunity to participate in the training. A player of gladiators can take part in first-team training in Varese, just as a young mastiff can go up to Aosta with the goal of becoming more integrated on the occasion of upcoming matches and call-ups. All this always depends on the needs of the two companies, with the aim of full cooperation and growth.

But Another very important confirmation of mastiff series It definitely bears the designer’s signature, which is a signature Captain Vanity whose association with yellow and black spans a year.

“When will we start?” That is the question Vannetti asked himself, indicative of his great desire to play as quickly as possible in the new yellow and black Palalbani.

The 31-year-old striker is definitely an icon for this team, the player that his teammates depend on, is always present and the man of the dressing room. He knows how to make himself loved by the fans with whom he has established a special feeling and has always made himself available to coaches, even when he was asked for a “dirty job” on the track which made him a little less present in the goal area, but a central pivot in other game situations.

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The boy is getting ready to live his life Fifth consecutive season in a Varese shirtthe third as a leader, a role he always took pride in even when things didn’t go well.

Andrea Vannetti has always talked about “close circle”, knowing that one day he will return to Varese, where he began skating from an early age. He always hoped he could come back to play in the renewed Balbani and in front of an important audience, which is also why he decided to stay in Yellow and Black, who has a mastiff at his heart. His assertion finds great resonance as it bears witness to a great association with the jersey and the colours, as HCMV’s new venture marries Varese Hockey with the conviction of a true captain.

“I still can’t see myself off the ice in the distant future nor think about it – as Vanity himself says – in the future, which is also the present, I see my desire to start the next new season for Come back as soon as possible to the Varese ice rink and play in front of our fans. I can’t wait to get startedUntil tomorrow, if that’s possible. When the job window starts to narrow, you can’t see more than one year at a time because the variables that can affect performance and decisions are different. “

“What I can say – he continues – is that the conditions around the team and the club are in place in this new season. However, I thank the previous club for what they have done for the Mastiff and without taking anything away from them, it seems that the project presented to me these days in the name of HCMV Varese Hockey is perfect. I’ve seen people with clear ideas and intent on creating the best situations for everyone. That’s why I think there conditions for a beautiful season, Which is what I wish for. Since returning to Varese, I’ve always talked about closing a circuit and wanting to wrap up a movie season, after two years of hard work and sacrifices to train and play anywhere, back to our home, I’d like to see the full ice rink again, to play in front of the home crowd and maybe finally cheer up With a C on my shirt. It would be great.”

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“My game has changed a bit lately. In the past I played a lot with Raymondi, and I found myself closing my eyes with him, because for me he was like a brother and we knew each other’s moves. Then I changed my linemates and therefore also my playing style and it is inevitable that My style of play has changed and become less clear from a statistical point of view, but I have also been given other roles and tasks.The past two years, and especially the last year, – concludes the striker – there have been difficult moments throughout the season and even when everything seemed to be going backwards with respect to the way we like it. I always gave everything for this shirt. Efforts were set aside and made available to us as needed.”

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