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Varese hosts the Italian Hockey Cup with a view of the Olympic Games

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The first mission was carried out on Tuesday evening Mastiff Who qualified by defeating Veltri for the second time in the quarter-finalsThe final chapter of the Italian Cup. It is also for this reason that the PalAlbani Final Four show took place peacefully, in the city center crowded with stalls and school groups arriving to celebrate the feast of St. Anthony.

The event that takes place must also be a celebration Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 It will be organized inAssenk Ice Arena Which, in the meantime, is preparing as much as possible to host three matches with one end between them Varese, Caldaro, Appiano and Bergin SHe will raise the coveted and sparkling cup to the sky. Hopefully, twelve months later, that trophy will still be in the hands of Mastini's captain, Andrea Vanetti.

A cup to enjoy

It's not a given that you'll be able to watch the finals up close Carlo Pino confirms thisPresident of HCMV (the club that governs the yellow and black team): “The event will not be a copy of last year but it will also be like that.” Beautiful and amazing. And I want to invite the city to Enjoy this event: It was not a given that we would hold it here for two years, and it will not be held in Varese in the near future because others will want to organize it. We will be there The center of the hockey world Italian and beyond and we wanted it so bad. Let us be proud of this thing and remember that it is not an ordinary matter She is exceptional. “We will also try to win the cup again, but if that doesn't happen we will congratulate whoever wins the cup.”

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An event with a point of view

The Final Four also takes place thanks to an economic and social system that wanted this event. It is no coincidence that the show takes place in chamber of commerce (With the president Mauro Vitello And the manager Mauro Temperelli) in the presence of the Lombardy region (with the advisor Francesca Caruso) and the municipality (with the advisor Stefano Malerba) and with the province in question as well.


The Italian Cup is actually an event Thoughtful and included in the path Which will bring the city and the entire territory Towards the Olympic Games Milano-Cortina 2026 Thanks to A Memorandum of Understanding It was signed in the summer and aims to combine sports offers and tourism proposals. Vitiello first explains it and confirms it (at Temperelli's request) in a more comprehensive way Matteo Cesarini Who runs the ice rink and who's who project manager Memorandum of Understanding looks towards the Olympics.

“There are several initiatives linked to the arrival of the Games: in addition to the Final Four, the Junior Skating Championships and the Paralympic Hockey Championships are usually held in Turin. And about these activities there Brewing Foreign Olympic Committees: Australia They can finally enjoy a high-level facility near our headquarters in Gavirate, IL Japan He had already chosen Varese As a base for the figure skating team and will be in the city already in August. And then the conversation started Canadian hockey Who knows, we may be able to repeat what happened with the Australians with them.”

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Revenge of ice

In short, there are many irons in the fire and they can be cooked in a sophisticated context like the Acinque Ice Arena. “Self Let's think back to where we were even three years agoIn a system that needs rebuilding and is insufficient, and with all the difficulties that ice sports clubs are experiencing, this is a promise Sweet revenge for the city» explains the sports advisor Stefano Malerbeto. «The revenge that comes from the work and passion of HCMV and all other ice clubs: Varese hasWelcoming and functional, but also businesses that carry out valuable activities With efficiency and passion. “Thank you to them and thank you to the city for how it is following up on this historic sporting reality.” This is a vision that was also confirmed by the advisor Caruso: «Varese and sports bring sports and therefore cultural tourism to the province: Example for children Because sports and culture overcome the discomfort of young people.”

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