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HCMV Varese Hockey, Alex Bertin wants redemption in the Mastiff ranks

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Alex Bertin He will still be Varese’s defender For the new IHL season 2022-2023 after signing the contract linking him to Gialonera Club for another year.

The young man’s last season ended in a bitter way, as he had to forcibly give up the playoffs due to an injury that was treated in the last match of the second stage of the regular season, on the eve of the last part only and one can only imagine his desire, today, to return to wearing the shirt with the Mastiff, recoveryonly partially, Forced absence at the end of the season the last.

there confirmation by Bertin Ho very important As for Varese’s defensive balance: His physique and sense of position can be valuable components for any coach, especially for those who have already known him in the past, just like Davis. Always ready to help his teammates, the defender knows how to assert himself even when there is a fight on the boards and plays that “dirty game” that can slow down or even limit the opponent’s maneuverability.

The 24-year-old was born into hockey in Valpellice (TO), which shows his talent quickly. Over the years he gets better and proves season after season that he is ready to play full tournaments with reliability and responsibility.

Thanks to the assurances announced in recent weeks and the new foreign arrival, the formation of the underdeveloped squads is taking shape more and more in a concrete way, after a project that sees the club and coach fully involved.

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Alex Bertin words

“We train nine months a year for that intervening month, but the injury I had last season, at best, kept me from playing the most exciting stage of hockey.

I’d like to start from here: Now I’m fine, but this kind of injury would have required time to rest and treat. I want to start as soon as possible because I have a great desire for personal salvationI still have a bitter taste in my mouth from last season because I didn’t play the most beautiful and exciting part of our sport.

I have the desire to do something big this season and I intend to try to push in that direction, because it would be great: I started a track here in Varese two seasons ago and I want to keep trying. a Nobel goalalso because, as I finished last year, there seems to be almost a piece missing and I have not yet fully recovered from the disappointment of not being able to help the team at the crucial moment of the entire tournament.

Old comrades, those of the hard-line Varese nucleus, have always welcomed me well, especially Vanity. When I arrived, I also knew Chyna, then with Drolet and Devèze I also had experiences abroad. However, everyone welcomed me so well and I felt included A very familiar environment that I am still in today with great joy.

These two years have been a huge challenge for me and have definitely improved me in terms of flexibility: going back and forth to training and matches was not easy, neither from a logistical point of view nor from a physical and health point of view. This year it will be different.

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If I think about the game idea that Devèze has, I will definitely try to improve my attacking level and will train a lot to pursue that goal. I would like to increase my grades and be more consistent on top.

Finally, I would like to gift a certain idea: I wish Many thanks to Carlo Pino Who was on his first try as HCMV President Varese Hockey and he believed a lot in me, and is doing so much so that I can continue my hockey adventure at the Mastiffs here.”

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