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HC Gladiators’ sports weekend was definitely not for the kind-hearted –

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The whole Varese Under13 game begins. Valblis is climbing in Aosta on Saturday afternoon and things aren’t going well for Ostano Lombard: the first game ends 0-2 for the guests who, just 27 seconds into the second half, are stretched to 0-3. Valpellice ends here and the Varese Gladiators begin, which begins to recover and the second match ends in match 2-3 (with a goal from little Minniti). In the third straight round, a Varese-Vari double turned the score: the final 4-3.

Saturday evening Valblis is still at home in Aosta, but the class is the class of the greats, Department of International Humanitarian Law. Between the ranks of the Aostans a defensive line and an under-17 offensive line. Playing at a very high pace, very physical (and correct), sometimes confused, but fun for the crowd in the stands. The first match ends at 0-0, which is not boring at all. On the sixth of the second in a row, the guests take the lead with a straight shot out of the blue that passes through a forest of players, over the right shoulder of the excellent Montini Joli in Aosta. The third time the Austani returns to the ice and only the Pole prevents Gesumaria from being affected. The guests concluded the match two minutes after the end, and scored a theft goal, taking advantage of an act that was spoiled by a mistake made to the Usta defense and did not blow the whistle by the referees. Next game is on Wednesday 2nd November in Milan against Old Boys

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Sunday starts withunder 15 years old Playing in Sesto San Giovanni (Michigan) against the Devils, a match on plain paper. So simple that the hosts take the initiative, which makes Coach Picco go through rough moments. Only in the last half did the Ostani equalize, thus ending the first match 1-1. The Demons don’t give up and decide to sell their lives dearly and only Luca Torchio in good shape allows Austans to go 3-1. The cohesion of the Lombards only dissolves in the final match and the match ends with a score of 8-3 for the wrestlers

under 15 years old

long trip toUnder 19 years old Who goes to Asiago (vi). A very balanced match against third parties in the national championship standings. The wrestlers dominated the first two halves, played at a very high pace with shots included, and took the lead from Perino’s penalty kick. Scoring actions are numerous, but coach Giovinazzo’s boys lack a tangible foal. The draw for the host team comes in the third half with a shot from a distance, covered by Austan Jolly players. Right after the Venetians found doubling by exploiting numerical superiority in a precise way. The doubling cuts off the legs of the austani. Asiago takes advantage of that and extends it to 3-1 (thanks to a fatal error by the Ostano goalkeeper). GisomarĂ­a, two minutes from the end, reopens the match 3-2. Coach Giovinazzo plays it all, takes out the goalkeeper and looks for a tie, but Asiago hits the empty cage and ends the match with a 4-2 draw. Next game is on Tuesday 1 November in Aosta vs Pusteria

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The first group is under 9 years old (in the picture) In Tori Bellis. And the young wrestlers, coordinated by coach Dorigosi, affected Real Torino 3-3, after they were ahead throughout the match. They lost the second match with the very powerful Pinerolo 2-8 and redeemed themselves with Valpellice with a 6-1 win.

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