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“Happy with the performance, not happy with the result” –

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Roberto Crudelli, Coach Angus Hockey Vercelli Evaluation of the match against Forte dei Marmi, which saw its team lose by only one goal, after a tight match decided by the rings. Sorry, because more fairness was needed in what was chosen by the referees, however, in the end, the final count of fouls (eight for Forte and two for us) makes it very clear who pushed the hardest and dominated the match in this match. I’m glad the team is starting to give positive signals about what I wantBut we cannot ask for miracles: We’ve only been together for a week, which isn’t good because last week many of the boys were feverish, and had to skip all the training sessions.. The team is doing its best. So we have to be happy with the performance, but unhappy with the result: at least one point would have been the right reward and would have come in handy.

The match was decided by a rather fortunate goal on the bill:The goal was unfortunate But in a match decided 1-0, it can happen. and then We had important goals that should have been better exploited. The same applies to some of the situations we worked in on Friday in training, but there is one thing that can’t impress the team right away, it’s normal. Of course, it will be essential to be able to exploit them in the future, by shooting on goal.”

The different aspects of HV’s fast game are clear: “On large stretches, even if not for the whole game, the team now moves together, giving solutions to the partner who has the ball: It’s important to do this at every location on the track, as more and more options become available. I hope that this progress will be noticed more and more and we will work to express it in the full 50 minutes of the race.”

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Ingas has been waiting for seven days without breathing: “This week we’ll be working on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and then on Wednesday there will be the match (midweek round of the 10th day of the regular season with the first leg at the ground of the leaders and champions of Italy, Tresino, ed.), Then we will train on Thursday evening, to assess how we will be on Friday, on the eve of a new match (At Home v. Valdagno, ed.). Certainly this Now comes the more difficult matchesLast Saturday it was with Monza, this was, it will be in Tresino…Now we need to work well and think about performance As we did tonight. Continuous performance without giving up and without thinking about the points, and then when there is a break (December 22 to January 6, edited) We’ll see our position in the ranking.”

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