Home entertainment Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special The perfect Christmas movie review

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special The perfect Christmas movie review

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special The perfect Christmas movie review

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and the The perfect Christmas movie for all the family. Marvel and Disney have created the perfect product for Disney+ audiences around the world: fun and inspiring for adults, colorful and lively for little ones. Everyone will be satisfied after 45 minutes From this ceremonial parade and ceremonial Guardians of the Galaxy. Without the problems of keeping the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe afloat, this special is tender and light-hearted, adventurous and funny, sweet and completely immersed in the spirit of Christmas.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, the plot

Conspiracy Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special It’s pretty easy to find out: Drax and Mantis want to give Quill a dream for Christmas, and to do so they come to Earth determined to find the perfect gift, Kevin Bacon. The terrestrial adventure of two aliens and human bacon space is at the heart of the mid-length film that effectively closes Phase 4 of the MCU and anticipates the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Unnecessary review, rating 8

review Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Not at all necessary, you also can’t read it, this article just wants to be a way to advise you to watch this particular show, especially if you are among the many fans of the Marvel Universe. Especially more successful than Licantropus above all because it doesn’t like to take itself too seriously and knows what it wants to be (especially I don’t know if it’s obvious). The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is a Christmas episode of Marvel’s long-running series, the episode was also made low cost and without commitment but has a guest star who adds color and creates curiosity.

The mid-length film draws heavily on the sentiment of Christmas movies, oozing good vibes from every pore, but also knowing how to entertain its audience, playing with the alien-seen absurdities of our world. Kevin Bacon who inevitably made a pact with the devil due to his gorgeous looks, makes himself into a self-deprecating key that also knows how to be nice.

immersed in madness James Jean, Ready to be infused as well into the next DC movies he’s made responsible for, not without having picked up a first shot in Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3, the Christmas Special of the Galaxy is the perfect product for these holidays and recovery from the “Marvel Fatigue”, caused by Excessive amount of productions to follow between cinema and sequencing. With this special, you just have to think about having fun.


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