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Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Review: A Crazy Gift From Marvel

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And so after movies, TV series, documentaries and behind the scenes, for Marvel Cinematic Universe It’s officially time for the so-called Special Presentations. A shape that actually interests us a lot, because it allows us to explore the unknown and secondary valleys of an ever-expanding universe as it did with werewolf (Here you can retrieve our files Werewolf review) or giving life to those ideas that didn’t make much sense in a feature film. In all likelihood it is this second case that Galaxy Holiday Special Guards: A bunch of little indiscretions, an unstoppable series of wonderfully nonsensical jokes and even character developments that perhaps in the next chapter could have just taken up space by slowing the pace down too much.

Special we can preview – checkout Disney + November 25th between Disney+ movies November 2022 – and this surprised us precisely because The amount of material James Gunn was able to fit in in just over half an hournothing short of perfection for getting into the Christmas mood once and for all, no matter where in the universe you come from.

I am looking for a legendary hero

a Holiday specials which opens in a rather odd way: a fictional flashback reveals how Yondu (Michael Rooker(He was bent on crushing Peter’s Christmas spirit)Chris Pratt) Since he was a kid, he ruined his beloved vacation forever. In the present day, we are approaching the now agonizing period for the Guardians’ leader, Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Boom Klementieff) Illumination comes to mind for the perfect gift to give him, i.e. to bring him the man he’s talked about the most over the years, none other than his legend Kevin Bacon. Then he begins a journey with very dirty characters on our planet, where the magical duo is convinced that they are looking for a legendary hero who is able to save an entire city with dancing and the like, and not a simple actor who intends to spend a merry Christmas with his family.

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A special that lasts, as expected, a good half hour and it would be about an hour Masters Library How quickly he submitted his introductions To make the most of your remaining playtime, and inundates it to the core with nonsensical lyrics, hilarious ambivalent situations and a sweet exchange between Mantis and Drax. It’s basically a constant stream of awareness of observations, jokes, and comical occurrences where all of Gunn’s inspiration – obviously always within the confines the MCU allows – blows away and doesn’t give the viewer a moment of complete respite with the details and easter eggs on the backgrounds amounting to a huge amount. It simply is It is impossible not to sink into such a journey And don’t go through it all with a smile on your face.

Some little surprises

But these were the aspects of a Holiday specials Starring Guardians of the Galaxy written and directed by James Gunn, it was basically reasonable to expect, while continuing along the stylistic lines of the films. In fact, not finding them would likely be a huge disappointment. But what we did not expect is The amount of heart and really beautiful moments To culminate in the crazy earthly adventure, as well as having developments – albeit small ones – for the characters that are anything but insignificant. The details on the one hand we find very funny, because only the director of the sect likes Tromeo and Juliet Could think of entering pieces of knowledgeso to speak, despite some significance in the broadcast-only Christmas special.

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On the one hand, oddly enough, it is these surprises that give more consistency tospecial holiday, To give it an almost magical aura like laughing out loud at yet another mindless exchange between Drax and Mantis or at some expression of Groot, you could go on and on shedding a few tears for some truly extraordinary moments. Again, it’s unbelievable the sheer amount of content and emotion Gunn has packed into this special, without recapturing the nagging feeling that it was primarily a stylistic exercise And a little more. If, between werewolf and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday SpecialThis is the capabilities of the special presentation format, so we still want more.

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