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Marvel explains why it was made into a movie, while it was initially a series –

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As many know, Marvel Shield Wars It was supposed to be a Disney Plus series, but then Marvel announced that it was going to be Movie. Producer Nate Moore explained Why The project has been made into a feature film, suggesting that the ideas behind the project “sounded too big” for the small screen.

You know, the Disney Plus shows are great and we love them, however income It’s not like feature films. It’s no secret, said Moore, who previously worked on Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. “You’re talking about a show that wants to show all the coolest armor and Don Cheadle interacts with all of that armor and, in a sense, [mostrare] Tony Stark’s legacy… is getting a little too expensive.”

During a chat on the “The City with Matthew Pillon” podcast, Moore went on to suggest that, similar to what’s already happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Armor Wars will likely begin. Another multi-film story, such as Infinity Saga. He also noted how easy it was to bring some of the moments of the eponymous sitcom to life, with fewer financial strings attached.

Don Cheadle as Rudy

“We realized that, as a feature film, we couldn’t just reproduce some of the beautiful images that come from comics […] But there’s also a way to take ideas from this movie and influence other future films,” Moore said.

Still talking about the movies, we know the Thunderbolts are going to “drop a bomb” on moviegoers, at least according to actor David Harbor.

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