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Great offer from Lidl: You can only find this car there | The price is shocking

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A really cool show, which is selling like hot cakes among consumers and fans in the racing world. It was launched by the Lidl hypermarket chain a few weeks ago.

Usually to buy a car or a Transportation Personal and private, customers go to department stores or specialty stores. Even when it comes to articles that are more accessible and accessible to everyone, such as bikes.

Lidl warehouse –

there bicycle It is the most historic and “eco-friendly” car par excellence, given that it has no engine and consumes practically nothing. To relaunch the two-wheeled fashion, even the hypermarket Lidl I decided to focus on selling this product.

The German giant, now spread across Europe including Italy, is getting bigger Specifically insane results in sales of a certain type of bike. There are many decals and orders in different Lidl stores for this type of vehicle.

The Lidl customer unloading trekking bike

Lidl It is a chain of supermarkets that sell almost everything. First of all, food items of all kinds, but there are also offers and discounts on products related to furniture, electronics and even the sports sector.

Like the depopulated bike among Lidl’s loyal customers. point to Zündapp City T700 trekking bike, Broker 28 achieved clear successes in the interest of consumers. Currently enjoying 10% off which brings the final price down to 269.99 euros.

lidl bicycle
Bike captured at Lidl –

A real gem for those who understand two wheels and bikes Skilled in trekking and less urban outings. City T700 was reported as a “The best productsIt is ideal for efficiently tackling any type of slope, as it is specifically designed for TripsIt provides great speed on flat terrain.

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It guarantees high performance, especially over long distances. It is also a bike model that allows the rider not to tire too much despite steep or difficult slopes. In addition to the mountains, The City T700 also seems to be very useful for getting around townWith great speed and excellent cornering grip.

Finally the technical details: This bike promoted by Lidl is perfect for Cyclists are between 1.50 and 1.80 meters in height It weighs about 20 kg. uses Tires Kenda on double-layer aluminum rims, while featuring a 21-speed gearbox.

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