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Google Pixel 6 Pro long after a whole other smartphone | video

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Today I’m ditching the classic review scheme to talk to you more informally how are you with Google Pixel 6 Proa smartphone that Italy has been excluded from since its launch, Debut with very few stocks in our countryHe didn’t have a very simple life.

More than any other aspect, what the Pixel 6 talked about were bugs and hardware flaws that didn’t take long to show up. So much so that, in a simple way, I’ve persuaded my colleagues to avoid writing a review on the Pixel 6 Pro, waiting for better times, in the hope that I can re-evaluate it in a more serious way.

7 months after its release, that moment has come and I think I’m going to value it, because every promise is worthy and why It seems fair to me to do justice to a product that is full of many biasesSome are well-founded, others very dangerous.

Key points of transformation

In the video, I explained the concepts in a more comprehensive way, when you have 10 minutes to look at them, here I briefly summarize the main points of the Pixel 6 Pro transformation.

First of all, we assume that Anyone who had the chance to try out the Google Pixel 6 Pro in fall 2021 found themselves holding a smartphone on the verge of breaking.. Errors and malfunctions were so obvious that they render the device almost unusable, and they were rife in all technical departments. Obviously I’m talking about software issues, because there was no way to interfere with the hardware (eg poor quality displays). For a better understanding, what am I talking about?

  1. The main problems of overheating and autonomy less than expectations
  2. Trivial graphic errors, such as notification curtain becoming transparent, or sudden black screens
  3. Picture quality is way below potential
  4. The video quality is within the limits
  5. Big management problems with the brightness sensor
  6. Full or partial incompatibility of photographic functions with third-party applications
  7. Important doubts on the phone part with dancing signal
  8. Noticeable malfunctions by Android Auto
  9. Bad stability of bluetooth connection
  10. Slow and unreliable fingerprint sensor

here you are, After 7 months, all these points, without exception, have been finally resolved. It didn’t take long and it was really hard to stand Google’s response, but let me say I was right in saying that, “with reasonable certainty”, the exact words, Google Pixel 6 And 6 Pro will turn.

Already in January things were better, but The real change was there With the March . feature dropwhich was expected in the first beta of the still dedicated developer channel for Android 12. That’s right, Android 12, While the first developer preview of Android 13 has been releasedIn fact, part of the Google team was putting the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro pieces back together.

For starters, a few months ago Google opened a beta channel for Quarterly releases of the platform (QPRs), or core Android updates expected in December, March, and June. With pixels, these versions can be tried in previewwhich often also includes advance news about feature dropThat is, those updates that not only provide on Google Pixels security patches but also tangible news for the user.

These days I’m finally trying QPR3 trial version, which already contains the latest mods and some features that will be released in June with the Pixel drop feature. Here, at last I can say that it is pretty much OK, Now the Pixel 6 Pro expresses its potential.

Better late than never

Anyone who has bought a Pixel 6 Pro will now be able to sleep peacefully, for now, ironically, this Google has messed up the whole world The The new Pixel 7 Pro phonein October with Android 13.

Leaving aside the highly questionable notion of showing a product that will hit the market no later than 5 months later, how this thing looks a bit strange in the eyes of those who have had broken pixels on their hands for several months, I’d like to focus on the work that was done in Mountain View, Truly turning the Pixel 6 Pro into a smart smartphoneMoreover, it is now very affordable compared to many other high range devices.

Easy to use smart phone

What I like the most about the Pixel 6 Pro is that I never feel the need to change my style of use based on its characteristics. I remember the parallel with the Moto GP, when riders are said to have to adapt their riding style to one or more characteristics of the bike, here with smartphones it’s often the same: there are compromises, little gaps, and quirky mechanisms. that after a while they get acquainted and learn to live together; With this Pixel, this is not the case, it is linear and simple to operate, and very instantaneous; He is not poor, but organized, he is not invasive but at the same time often guides you in learning how to exploit his potential.

There aren’t many smartphones with such a good set of functions and such complete hardware that can sustain this intuition, comes to mind: the iPhone, which doesn’t have the same flexibility as Android.

Semi-high images but very reliable

It wasn’t a monster in the beginning and it isn’t a monster now, at least in terms of pure image quality. I still had the idea that the algorithm, the one in Google “A”, works best with lower resolution sensors. Maybe the noise of all those pixels mashed like sardines It creates more problems than benefits in an image that is 80% arithmetic. The alternative was to adopt a larger sensor and to be honest with the sensors By about 1 inch there will bebut we know Google thinks in ways that are often incomprehensible, so they went looking for a really old one.

Coming to the photos, I can only be satisfied, there is a Pixel image paste and in the latest updates there has been a huge jump in quality especially in night photos and videos. But what is remarkable isImpeccable reliability Whoever has this smartphone, never makes a mistake and with software with really useful functions, it gives you unparalleled peace of mind. Personally, with a young child in the house receiving pictures all the time, Pixel is my favorite tool to play it safe.

Automation that helps

Another important advantage of the new pixels is the ability to automate a number of functions. I’ll give you a few examples: It categorizes notifications and doesn’t unnecessarily stress you over trivial things; He answers spam calls on his own or helps you out when you can’t talk; seek help in the event of a car accident; You can ask him to keep you under control (attitude, health check, emergency calls, battery) for a certain period of time, possibly while you are on a solo flight; Adjusts the charging speed according to the usage style (charging is really very slow); setting rules for ringtone status, do not disturb mode and much more based on location or connection to WiFi networks; Automatically fix images and suggest reasonable changes; He also conveys conversations in Italian with remarkable accuracy; It gives me the most used apps in the first place; Warns me if the phone call is spam; retrieves the name of the company you are calling from the Google Maps database; It suggests me actions to free up space with criteria, etc. etc.

Almost all of these things can be done with any Android smartphone, but the Pixel does it right away, without having to install anything and without having to go and find the functions in the menus.

fun to use

Finally, there is the joy of use, i.e. all those aspects that add up to configure the user experience. First of all, the graphics, which finally became coherent and consistent after a few months, with interest in animation and various elements, and are now supported by increasingly frequent adoption of the article you Even in Google apps and others. On this Pixel 6 Pro, there is a file Haptic feedback which is really coolGradually with updates, Google has improved the way the built-in large vibration motor is exploited. Each touch, swipe, double tap, unlock corresponds to different notes and “physical”. It is as if the experience of interaction has acquired a dimension, the physical one. Swiping feels like real movement to that card, tapping on the keyboard corresponds to the feel of pressing the keys, and the animations are always highlighted with a very light drag. It is something to try.

Let’s also add the cheerful system sounds and theme mechanism that has been applied for some time to more and more third-party apps, providing a graphical coherence to the entire system that, frankly, hasn’t been there on Android.

Let’s not forget Offers that are always solid thank you To Tensor, All in SoC Which has proven to live up to expectations and is unmatched by Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple alternatives, at least in terms of its everyday usability. Tensor is also associated with the security discourse, which Google has done its best to ensure the serenity necessary for the user to use banking applications, manage cryptocurrency wallets, or make trivial payments.

The price is not bad but it might be better to wait

Currently, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is priced around 800-850 euros As the best price and presumably he will be able to see himself permanently around 750 euros during the summer, which is not a bad price given the general value of the product.

After all the updates, the Pixel 6 Pro has nothing to envy over some of its more noble competitors, iPhone 13 Pro On everyone, but also Galaxy S22 UltraAnd OPPO Find X5 Pro or Xiaomi 12 Prowhich all cost a little more.

In case you have already mentioned it, you can think about it again Pixel 7 Pro, which was already shown by Google and announced for the month of October in Italy as well. It will be a smartphone very similar to the 6 Pro, a kind of revised and patched version with small tweaks and software that will hopefully be more prepared, especially thanks to the experience accumulated by Big G in recent months. I don’t think Google is going to raise prices, so as long as the budget allows it, it might be worth waiting for the new model, or even, why not, wait and get the 6 Pro which will definitely suffer a price drop at that point.


(Updated Feb 28, 2022, 09:32 a.m.)

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