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Another blow to Huawei and ZTE, Canada bans their 5G and 4G network infrastructure

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Three years after the US embargo, the existence of another embargo threatens Huawei West: The Canada Has decided to exclude the company from infrastructure development 4G and 5G network Will work backwards on an existing tool.

The move also involves a Chinese company other than Huawei ZTEOrdered by the Canadian Administration on the basis of Security Privacy following in-depth government investigations into the potential risks of potential cyber attacks.

In Official text Of fate, We made it available From the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Scientific and Economic Development, Government Huawei and ZTE They may be compelled to comply with out-of-court orders of foreign governments that are inconsistent with Canadian law or detrimental to Canadian interests.

like this Marco MendicinoThe Secretary of Defense has argued for the option of exempting Huawei and ZTE networks from Canada from broadcasting. CBCHighlights the upcoming update of Law About (Telecommunications Act).

The people of Canada can innovate 5G and beyond, start new businesses and use new technologies, but we must also protect ourselves against the risks of being exploited within these networks. [Il Telecommunications Act, ndr.] It will create a framework for better protection of the systems necessary for our national security and provide the government with a new tool to respond to emerging cyber threats.

As already mentioned, one for this action Reverse effect Against 5G and 4G network infrastructure with GPON technology provided by Huawei and ZTE Removed and discarded From Canadian territory within 28 June 2024.


There will be very little time instead ProvidersStop exporting equipment to Canada September 2022. On the other hand, Huawei smartphones and wearables are not included in this ban, as opposed to what happened in the United States three years ago.

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This arrangement is in the first preparation for the first tenure of the administration TrudeauAdds an area of ​​already tense Diplomatic relations Between China and Canada.

From the point of view Business It also weighs on the selection of Canadian officials to continue Investment Huawei has the right to proceed in this situation, despite the definite possibility of recognizing the ban on Huawei 5G network infrastructure Legal ways.

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