Home Economy Google offers 12,000 employees worldwide – Multiplayer.it

Google offers 12,000 employees worldwide – Multiplayer.it

Google offers 12,000 employees worldwide – Multiplayer.it

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Inc The GoogleAnnounced the classroom to 12,000 employees Worldwide, they represent approximately 6% of the company’s workforce. So the Mountain View giant joined Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta in the layoff policy, with the latter sending 10,000, 18,000, and 11,000 employees, respectively.

the explanations By Sundar Pichai The sharp staff cuts, which arrived in an internal memo, are about the same as those given by other CEOs. Pichai then talked about very rapid growth in the workforce during the pandemic, which forced tough choices.

Pichai: “In the past two years, we’ve seen moments of strong growth. To keep up with and feed into these moments, we’ve employed what was a different economic reality than today.” After an overhaul of its priorities, Google will eliminate roles across all business areas, functions, levels, and regions. In fact, it will restructure its business by reducing personnel costs.

Licensees will have Severance pay packages who will start at 16 weeks’ pay, plus two weeks for each year spent with the company. Google will also pay for 2022 bonuses and remaining vacation, as well as six months of healthcare and job search services.


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