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It’s the cheapest van ever: with 13,000 euros it looks like a real house on wheels

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This camper would probably be ideal to become the cheapest option for Italians who intend to take a nice camping trip. What is the problem? The country in which it is built is not very friendly!

War is devastating Not only work Of all the western houses that have rightly decided stop its activities In Russia at least until Putin returns to more moderate advice regarding the Ukrainian situation, as well as about Russian homes themselves as Lada, the main brand of the huge Eurasian country that is going through a moment of serious crisis.

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cold war elements

The geopolitical scenarios we are witnessing in these very difficult months They deserve the movies How War games or red dawn With the world once again divided into two blocs – with China and other countries unaligned between them to take advantage of it Since the start of hostilities in Ukraine. Putin’s call for hundreds of thousands of reservists does not seem to alleviate the situation at all…

But how are the Russian brands that produce cars in this period? Easy: Too bad. We have already found out through the knowledgeable English press That Lada, the main Russian brand Which produces cars once they are exported here also in Italy, had to go back to the production methods that They haven’t seen each other since the 70’s. beautiful things!

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The conflict is far from resolved (

goodbye cart

Among other things, Lada was recently abandoned by the French Renault group with intentions to sell its share In the brand of the highest bidder. All these factors mean that the fun camper van produced by the Russian house will not be able to reach Europe as we have long hoped. This is the Lada Granta in the camper version, a vehicle we’ve already talked about in the past.

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Small but versatile (Instagram)

there Lada Granta It’s originally a three-size mid-size small range that’s been turned into a wagon thanks to a forward-looking conversion. The price in euros for this little gem is about four meters long and fairly wide for its size? Before the war, the amount was only 13,000 euros, a real dream for camp members. The numbers are on hand, the cost has already gone up by several thousand euros due to sanctions and embargoes against the Asian country that is located in the eurozone.

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Another problem, without the Renault partnership, the already low hopes that the Granta will also reach Europe are practically nil. A trivial problem for sure when comparing to the human tragedy Which is happening in a country very close to Europe. But it’s still a real shame.

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