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Google I/O 2023 event summary from the new search engine to speak to the $1,799 flyer

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21:10 – And now the thoughts
From Mountain View that’s it. We’ve seen the power of the new “talk” search engine on the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold devices. Our preview test of the 7a is here while this is a deeper dive into the foldable and tablet.

21:05 – The Pixel Fold costs $1,799
The Pixel Fold is expected to arrive next month at $1,799, but as mentioned, it is unlikely that it will make it to Italy.

20:57 – the interpreter
The function of acting as an interpreter using both screens is great.

20:55 – King of the Evening, Pixel Foldable
“We want to show us another big screen,” they say from the stage, introducing the Pixel Fold, the foldable smartphone that we have already unveiled (it’s all here). Google points out that it’s the thinnest foldable device on the market, and that it has the best camera system and hinge that’s built to last.

20:45 – Pixel tablet
For the launch of the new Pixel Tablet, about which everything was already known, Google first of all demonstrates the importance of a larger screen for multimedia content. There isn’t much to say about this 10.9in except that the camera is designed for calls, keeping the speaker always in focus. And then, as we’ve seen, there are the apps revised for the big screen. Now 50.
The tablet also comes with a base that wirelessly recharges and serves as a base to turn it into a home automation or motion picture control center.
The coolest part is the ability to support multiple users, so everyone has their own synced content. It will arrive in the US, starting at $ 499, in three colors, but we will most likely never see it in Italy.

20:40 – We’re at the hardware: Pixel 7a
This is probably the most famous part so far. Virtually everything has been known about pixels. From the stage they repeat what has been said: Ai also on the pixel will bring the intelligent adjustment of images and the integration of Google functions. The interest, however, is first and foremost the Pixel 7a, the new mid-range from Google that will also arrive in Italy.

20:30 – Customizable AI
Synthetic AI will help Android become more personalized and more personalized to us, for example by offering appropriate emojis to answer certain questions.
The phone’s home screen and lock screen can then be graphically customized using AI that suggests images and colors based on the background image. But there are also cinematic wallpapers that make the image in 3D and make it “cinematic” while with Emoji Wallpapers (which we see below) we can create new wallpapers by choosing emojis. AI will organize them in the right way.
Finally, the AI ​​can also recreate an image by recreating the style of a famous artist or art stream.

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20:25 – And here’s Android 14
AI has helped protect more than three billion Android devices from call center calls, they say from the Mountain View stage, but the news is different. Whatsapp, for example, is coming to Wear Os smartwatches in the summer, Find My will open up devices to more devices using the many Android smartphones around us while the little bot will now work better on tablets (not coincidentally That Google I/O should also bring out the Pixel Tablet, we’ll see).

20:20 – Video translations using artificial intelligence
That’s impressive: Google shows off artificial intelligence that not only translates a video of a girl speaking from English into Spanish, but also manages to lip-synchronize in the translated language. However, the service is only available to Google partner companies to avoid deepfakes.

20:15 – Who’s afraid of AI?
Google is also dealing with the dark side of artificial intelligence, which is the possibility of creating for example fake images or photos. As an example, they show a fake photo of the moon landing and the photo recognizes it as being from a set. The AI ​​generated is then provided with a watermark allowing it to be identified to avoid fakes.

8.10pm – Education made easy
Schools and universities are core to Google and it’s no coincidence that synthetic AI also enters these worlds at Google I/O. From the stage, they show how, for example, a lexicon is automatically generated from a series of unrelated documents, such as chapters different from the book. Just ask and go, done.

7.58 pm – AI and work
After seeing how daily life will change according to Google, we move on to see how business will change. The company goes further in “business intelligence”. “Many companies are already using our tools,” they say from the stage and with synthetic AI they will be able to create, organize and synthesize information better and faster. Everything passes through the cloud, which is therefore compatible with all operations of the company. The Big G says privacy is guaranteed, and giants like Uber, Canva, Wendy’s, Orange and Deutsche Bank have so far agreed to take part.

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19:50 – the structure also changes
As widely expected, it is exactly the structure of the search engine that is changing. With the Conversational mode, from the usual pages with links we go to vertical screens that give search results that we can then deepen. In short, as if you were talking to a search engine that is gradually improving results.

19:45 – And here’s the new Google
Here we get to the heart of the news about the search engine “our start,” says Pichai. Artificial intelligence within search is changing the way you search. From keywords, we move on to prompts, to complex requests interpreted by AI. From the stage they ask to organize a trip with a small child and a dog and the system presents a document explaining how to act. It doesn’t just give a link to click – it searches for stuff for us. But he also advises how to find the right bike for us, which features to consider, and of course the price and purchase link for models closest to our needs.

7.40pm – Let’s write a story using AI
In the live demo, you can see how the AI ​​works with text. In this case, we are faced with a horror story and the AI ​​advises how to proceed by creating images that can be used in support. But you can do more and ask AI how to ask what the various guests will bring to dinner, here is a document with all the proposals.

19:35 – cooperation with artificial intelligence
From collaboration between people to collaboration with artificial intelligence. Integrating Bard into Google Workspace allows you to harness the power of generative AI in Docs, Gmail, and other Google apps. In the example provided by the stage, BArd writes a complete resume based on the chosen profession.
On the other hand, spreadsheets become smart by creating a smart agenda that organizes the times of the day based on our data.

19:30 – cool pictures
Google’s AI becomes more “visual”. Bard begins to project images and is also able to interpret them. On stage they show a picture of two dogs and the AI ​​also makes sarcastic comments to accompany it, interpreting the dogs’ “expression”.

7.10pm – Pictures with the Magic Editor
Pichai, who was wearing a gray vest, declared from the stage, “We want to make Ai more useful to the comrades and to the people. Now is the time to take the next step. We have reimagined all products using generative Ai.” He points to tools like Magic Editor, the tool that intelligently edits photos on the go. See how good the waterfall looks on the lady’s hand?

7 p.m. — Google I/O kicks off
Opening event for Sundar Pichai who bets everything on generative AI. The first examples are the smart replies to emails that Gmail offers and advice as we write our messages.
Unscheduled with an airplane flying over the event with a sign that reads “Protecting Abortion Privacy,” a reminder of the debate on abortion in the United States

18:56 – How to make music with AI
Dan Deacon’s music is made by MusicLM, a tool announced some time ago by Google that converts text into sounds. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list to access it.


6.40pm – Music and AI
Before leaving, Google pitches musician Dan Deacon who has collaborated with the company to study the possibilities offered by AI within music. The videos are amazing and they are all generated by artificial intelligence.

18:35 – Google I / O kicks off
In Mountain View, everything is ready for Google I/O 2023, the annual conference where Sundar Pichai will present the latest news from his company. The start is expected from 19 Italian hours and as we have seen from the rumors of recent days, the two themes should be: artificial intelligence and the new Pixel hardware.
In the first introduction, Google should appear The first version of the Bard powered search engine. Just like Microsoft did by including ChatGpt in their Bing, it’s reasonable to expect that “Smart” searches Which turns those strings into which we enter keywords into engines capable of really understanding our requests.
On the other hand, on the hardware side there will be the new Pixel, or mid-range 7a, the Pixel Tablet and above all the Pixel Fold, the company’s first brochure that we previewed a few days ago.

May 10, 2023

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