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Lino Banfi recalls Paolo Villaggio: “We were ambivalent, he mixed the food. In Fraccia no one knows …”

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Lino Banfi recalled Paolo Villaggio, who worked with him on “Fracchia the human beast,” a 1981 film directed by Neri Parenti.

Lino BanfiWell-known actor said a We are from the 80s and 90s.Some stories from the legendary movie “Fraccia the Human Beast”, 1981 movie and seize the opportunity to remember Paulo Villagio: “It was a wonderful relationship between us, of love and endurance, but not a business relationship. In the sense that we were opposed to my temper. It was a ‘moron,’ he said many things, he was mixing foods and that’s something I didn’t admit, he was able, while eating a plate of pasta and beans, to put mayonnaise in. And I said to him: “But why is it??”.

Then Banfi added: “He was the protagonist in this film, Fraccia is Paolo. She was very involved, but he had no envy and he showed it in this film. The famous scene in the restaurant” La Parolaccia “, with Sandro Gianni playing Di Simon, where we had to To the arrest of Villaggio I improvised at the scene in which the orchestra greeted us. To the swear words of the actor who sang, I felt like saying, “Go on, go on” and then add that I’m the commissioner and give it to him like this. It was impromptu, the directors Neri Parenti and Paolo laughed a lot and I continued without Follow the scenario. Nobody knows that until today, after more than 30 years, whether in political circles or wherever he is a general manager, there is always someone who says nonsense and says ‘keep working’ and everyone bursts out laughing.

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