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Soon we will be able to move things with the mind: confirmation of science

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Once in science fiction movie We would have witnessed very special scenes, attributing to humans telepathic powers or in any case powers beyond scientific understanding. For example, in the old movies, not rich special effects In particular, one can see individuals being able to move things with the power of the mind only.

Of course, everything was the result of the invention, but now we may not be particularly far from this opportunity, as some scientists assert.

The use of telekinesis through metamaterials

A group of experts focused on the potential applications it could have telekinesis. These are possibilities that really sound like science fiction, but may soon become a reality.

All of this can be made possible by using that knowledge in technical terms Paranormal material. They will be artificial materials, which have very special electromagnetic properties.

Through these recent technological discoveries, for humans, there will be a possibility to move things with the power of the mind only. Something that sounds implausible, but it would be possible in a particularly uncomplicated way, according to reports by scientists from Singapore, who conducted Detailed search In this regard.

How do people move things with their minds

The researchers note that the human brain generates brain waves when it is involved in the production of ideas. Therefore, according to experts, these brain waves can be directed to be exploited to perform specific actions.

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Specifically, the brain waves The human brain can act as control cues on the previously mentioned metamaterials. In practice, a connection will be established between brain waves and the electromagnetic properties that make up the metamaterial.

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The end result consists precisely in the processing of metamaterials with the mind. It is precisely in this way that objects can also be moved through the brain waves that humans produce.

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For example, scientists in this regard conducted a test that made us understand how significant their discovery was. Scientists argue that brain waves generated by thought can be manipulated with controllerAnd that through the use of Bluetooth.

However, other studies are still needed, also to understand if there are any side effects that should be taken into account when applying techniques of this kind.

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