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Eliot Page fights to protect nature alongside indigenous peoples in Canada

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“They arrested a woman who defended her land.” The artist, with a video of the arrest of an elderly Mi’kmaq, Canada’s indigenous population Eliot page Led the group’s cause Protect the Eisner Cove Marsh, in the view of its more than six million followers on Instagram, was threatened by the construction of a housing complex. Page demonstrated with the group to prevent the first trees from being cut down. A protest was held to arrest 3 people.

In 2021, the land comprising and surrounding the wetland was sold by Halifax Regional Council to a private company, which today plans to build 700 homes. Approving the plan, which did not include residents’ input, led to the restoration of a significant amount of woodland right up to the edge of the wetland. The fear of the nonprofit is that builders have gone further and repeatedly invited companies to identify another location for construction.

Elliott Sides with Canadian Natives: “This Woman Was Arrested for Defending Her Land”

“Eisner Cove – reads the environmental group’s website – is one of the last large unpolluted wetlands in the area. It is home to many species of plants, animals and birds. Proposed developments for the area will destroy it”. Its destruction will do double damage: on the one hand, “wetlands will release enormous amounts of stored carbon into the air in the form of greenhouse gases,” and on the other hand, “our future ability to capture CO will decrease.2“.

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