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Giulia Salemi in Giffoni but the sting worries Pierpaolo

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Giulia Salemi shines as a live host at the Givoni Film Festival in Salerno but revealed on Instagram last night that she’s giving the bite

Giulia Salemi started performing at the Giffoni Film Festival concerts as a gorgeous heroine despite the fact that she first wore the bite with her boyfriend Pierpaolo Pretelli. The festival, which takes place in the province of Salerno, in Campania, is known as a moment of reflection and analysis in the world of cinema in particular. This year, a lot of space has been devoted to the concerts, in which Julia will be staying together with Nicolo de Vitesse. An important experience for Prilemy’s career, already full of TV shows, which comes at a golden moment in her career as an influencer.

She has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and is considered one of the most influential in the industry. A few hours earlier in the stories, Salmi explained with a smile that the eve of Givoni was also the first day she began to wear the bite, that is, in other words, a device of different sizes and dimensions that is applied to the teeth to improve body posture. aesthetics. The bite is often not visible and is only worn at night to prevent gnashing of teeth but this is not the only case in which this dental instrument is worn. Prelemes is well aware of this, and because of the difference of physicists, thanks to the suggestion of specialists, they decided to wear a sting. In their case, fortunately, the invisible.

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Julia Salemi herself explained on Instagram that despite the inconvenience of wearing it, the sting is the right solution to solving problems such as severe migraines, incorrect posture, and cervical and back pain that not only she, but her boyfriend has been experiencing. However, the braces that were worn on the eve of the Giffoni Film Festival for the first time seemed to worry Pierpaolo Pretelli the most, who jokingly said “I won’t sleep tonight because I’m afraid to swallow them.”

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