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The small village that became Battiston’s first set of films as a director is now also a calendar

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FAEDIS – Vale, a mountain village in Fides municipality On the slopes of the mountain San LorenzoChosen as the location for the film Rosamont produced with Nimis Joseph Battiston The actor and his first directing participation.


Last summer, the small town, where the very active Pro Loco Valle di Soffumbergo works, hosted for two weeks the film crew involved in the big-screen transfer of writers Gustave Flaubert, Bouvard and Pécuchet.
To fix pictures of how the city has modified over time to adapt it to a movie set, Pro Loco printed the calendar “Podcirku – Valle di Soffumbergo – valvana, ciac si gira!” which documents the behind-the-scenes (“behind the scenes”) of the film. So it documents an ephemeral virtual reality created for the occasion: a reality that will remain in the memory of those who saw it as a dream living with open eyes. The calendar shows how houses, streets, square, church and cemetery have been transformed to tell the story of the adventure of two friends who decided to leave the big city and go to live in the countryside, in Valvana. Meet indifference, friendships, smiles, mistrust … discover new causes for happiness and personal affirmations.
The 2022 calendar is an initiative included in the Valle 40 program that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Chestnut and Honey Chestnut Festival that has been taking place every weekend in early October since the 1980s, under the theme of coexistence, good food and the rediscovery of the surrounding area.

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In the calendar, each month, with a combination of photographs and a full-page image, shows the processes of setting up the group with workers involved in gardening, carpentry, painting … The calendar was designed and composed by Giorgio Dre, graphic design by Lorenza Moretti, photographs by Giorgio Dre, Stefania Zwanig, Gian Franco Specia. The name of the months and the initial letter of the days of the week have also been suggested in the local dialect of Podkerico thanks to the translation of Antonino Speccogna.

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