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Gianluca Vacchi and the case of the domestic worker, a social revolution: “Cancel the documentary”

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Bologna, May 29, 2022 – The social storm That crashed against her in the past few hours Gianluca VacciAnd the L ‘Polish businessman It became famous all over the world as Mr. Enjoybetween Ballet and gags made too accompanied by maids From her ultra-luxury villas. And that was true one of them to turn it on prosecution For Faki, denouncing the years he spent in his service “Hell, insulted to dance”.

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This all happened almost simultaneously with the release On Amazon Prime Video From the documentary “Gianluca Vacchi: Macho Mass”, Complete with premieres, important guests and of course the launch on the social networks of the giant streaming platform. And social media, which made Vaci a success over the years, is now returning insults and controversies from hundreds of people to the influential businessman.

Specifically, it is on Prime Video Italy Instagram page That users are going crazy, asking to pull the documentary. delete this trashAnd the “Withdraw this massacre” These are just some of the comments that multiply in the framework of the video release of the documentary in which Faci responds to positive and negative comments from users.

Not better on Twitter and Facebook where you can read all kinds of insults with threatening users under the image of Vacchi Cancel Your Prime Video Subscription If the documentary about the entrepreneur is not withdrawn. But Prime Video has completely different plans, so much so that in the bio of the official Instagram page invites you to watch the film and at the launch event, she also offered Life size statue of Vacchiwith the original tattoo replaced with the more frequent comments he receives on his posts.

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Vacchi did not reply. To do this, however, his staff were in a video saying that “The doctor is not bad” And that that maid was only talking about lies, a video that also collected a torrent of insults.

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