May 29, 2023

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Gasoline prices: The truce is over, here’s what’s happening. Updates and predictions

After about a month of falling prices, oil prices could turn the tables. Average prices of petrol, diesel, LPG and LNG and look at next week

Andrea Tartaglia


– Milan

A week of low fuel prices is coming to an end: Compared to last Friday, national rates are down by more than 6 cents per liter of petrol and more than 7 cents of diesel. However, the good news ends here because downward phase In effect for about a month – save for the increase in excise duties at the beginning of December, the effects of which were quickly absorbed – it appears to be drawing to a close. A week ago, global prices for refined products began to rise again with increasing force, while a barrel of Brent crude came back. above $80. Therefore, the week before Christmas may be marked by high fuel prices at the pumps. All with the usual uncertainties related to oil markets, including the possibility of a slowdown in the global economy, an eye on rising interest rates and an eye on the direction of inflation that appears to be past its peak.

Updated average prices

These are the average prices charged, which are reported by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development. The survey was conducted at 8 am on December 15 on about 15,000 plants. The formulation of the Staveta Quotidiana energy sheet, starting from self-service:

As for the service:

  • petrol 1.813 €/l (-7, comp 1.853, white pumps 1.732);
  • diesel 1.778 € / l (-8, comp 1.921, white pumps 1.793);
  • LPG 0.770 EUR/L (-1, Comp 0.780, White Pumps 0.758);
  • Methane 2.458 € / kg (+11 comp 2.420, white pumps 2.488).