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Amazon Rewards Giuliano: New Entry at 62

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Giuliano Arnoldi, 62, an employee of the Casirate D’Adda Screening Center, is also among the three winners of the 2021 issue of “Amazon Stars,” an Amazon initiative that aims to reward those who have been able to unite a significant workplace dedication to commitment to the local communities they live in. He lives in it thanks to volunteer activities, fundraising initiatives, and more.

Among the three winning stories, reported directly by employees from all over Italy, Giuliano’s story tells of a man who has always lived in Capriati and worked for many years alone in the floriculture sector, but after a life spent in the midst of a flower and plants had to roll up Roll it up by starting a new business at Amazon. Casirate d’Adda welcomed him in 2019, giving him that 60-year perpetual contract that’s almost utopian. “Because of the crisis – he says – I had to close my business. Later, I did different jobs until I got to Amazon, where I was able to find a cooperative and calm atmosphere that I had not lived in for a long time, as well as a job stability that was not taken for granted at my age ” .

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