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Gasoline over 2 euros at all distributors. Gas costs us twice that

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The consumption fee reduction has already been canceled – it expires on July 8, after which the price may rise to €2.5

There is no DIY green city gas station for less than 2 euros per liter.

Some of the self-service pumps exceed the threshold of 2.2 euros per liter, in Oltrecolle we are at 2.249, in Asiago at 2.229, the most convenient stop is at 2.069. According to the data of the Ministry of Economic Development, the average yesterday reached 2.114. Diesel has also been consistently above €2 for several days now. In the Italian panorama, prices continue to rise and now the cut in production duties decided by the government in mid-March is no longer enough, as the price per liter has been reduced by 25 cents. Two months ago, thanks to a measure of price containment, the cost of a liter of gasoline fell to an average of 1.83 euros in Como.

Even diesel fuel has steadily returned to over €2

Now prices have rebounded 20 cents again. Without the lower excise tax, which expires on July 8, filling up the fuel would have unsustainable costs, around €2.5 per liter. Also in Ticino, fuel prices are rising, and it is also not very convenient to look for unbranded distributors in the province, even the increasingly affordable white pumps are more than 2 euros per liter.

So if the situation does not change according to Federconsumatori this year, households will pay an additional €384 for the fuel: “The estimate takes into account differences in oil cost, exchange level and production fee reduction, so it is calculated that there is an additional charge of 32 cents on fuel today. This translates, For a family that produces two full loads of about 50 liters per month, an increase of 384 euros per year.” Historically our city is more expensive than the rest of the province and compared to other Lombard capitals because it is closer to the border.

Average prices today are €2.069 per liter for petrol and €2.006 per liter for diesel. Just a month ago, the national average price of gasoline in autonomous mode was 1.83 euros per liter, and diesel was 1.835 euros per liter. These are alarming levels, especially in light of the government’s cut in production duties to reduce fuel costs.” According to Federcosumatori Como President, we need Mara blackbirdand more oil company price controls and pump pricing rules.

It is estimated that a family will spend an average of 384 euros more each year

Always looking into the pockets of families, all this is combined with expensive bills that explain trade associations such as Confcommercio and Confindustria, that this year will, on average, affect families and businesses. In terms of energy, the Ukrainian crisis has caused the value of gas to rise.

With repercussions not only on homes and stores, but also on public buildings. For example, the municipality of Como had to adjust spending commitments for the supply of natural gas. In a recent resolution, Palazzo Cernezi lists the additional costs for expenses incurred in kindergartens, cemeteries, parks, sports facilities and administrative offices. The amount now amounts to 117,000 euros of additional spending.

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