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Gas, Germany activates alert level

Gas, Germany activates alert level

Milan Gas has always been the focus of European advisories after Russia began reducing flows and the International Energy Agency warned:Europe prepares To a final.” After rumors about BloombergGerman Economy Minister, Robert HabeckIt announced the activation of the “alert level” in its emergency plan: this is the second level of the third intervention level. Therefore, preparedness rises in the largest European economy after Close the taps by Gazprom. A decision that comes right on the day the European summit opens in Brussels, which will also have to discuss a gas price ceiling to contain the increases caused by the Ukraine crisis.

“Gas has become a scarce commodity now in Germany,” Minister Habeck told reporters. Therefore, he, who is also the Vice-Chancellor, expressed a sense of urgency: “We must reduce gas use already in the summer.” He added that summer is “deceptive” but winter is coming and we have to fill the deposits.”

The activation of the second stage brings Germany one step closer to the third and final stage that may see gas rationing in the main European economy. When will gas rationing come to Germany? “I hope that doesn’t happen,” Habek replied at the press conference. But he also admitted: “I cannot completely rule out such a scenario,” even though the government is working to avoid it. At this level of alert, the German government will have the option of passing legislation allowing companies to pass on the additional costs to households and businesses, he explains BloombergRe-ignition of coal-fired plants to contain gas consumption. The next step will bring energy distribution under the umbrella of the state, with the potential rationing Because supply will not be able to meet demand.

HABIK On Wednesday, he explained to the German Confindustria the seriousness of the situation, saying that “the gas crisis could be worse than the epidemic.” But that doesn’t mean he has given up on the nuclear energy farewell point, which divides German politics: his and his ministry’s spokesmen made clear that “the extension option is not there for primarily safety reasons.” environment. But the reserves are also of another nature: “Cutting off gas poses the problem of heat, not electricity. Nuclear power plants only produce electricity and will not contribute significantly to solving the problem,” explained the spokesman Gabriel. Hof, was pressed at a press conference in Berlin. On the other hand, Habeck announced last Sunday his desire to resort more to coal plants, despite the inclusion in the government program that Germany will abandon this energy source by 2030.

Germany, which depends on Russia for more than a third of its gas supplies, lit its first light at the end of March, when the subject of a row with the Kremlin was payments for supplies in rubles. Now he filled in storage For about 58%, which is a little higher than the Italian level, but aims to reach about 90% in November like us.

As for Italy and possible steps on our part, the Minister of Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani, He replied to those who asked us if legalization is forbidden to us: “For the time being, yes.” He explained: “We don’t need, we are much better than others, no rest. Germany at the moment has more problems than us. The variable of war, what Russia is doing, is unpredictable at the moment. The moment we succeed in keeping the situation under control, There is a lot of unpredictability, today I can say I rule out, the situation may change tomorrow. We are well on our way to energy security. The plan that we announced recently is highly respected.”

Gas is also the focus of discussions in European Council The reference to Ceiling price Enter the latest version of the draft conclusions. The paragraph on economic issues sees the addition that states that the Council “in exchange for Russia’s use of gas as a weapon and the recall of the conclusions of May 31, calls on the Commission to continue its efforts to ensure affordable energy supplies.” The conclusions of the May summit called on the commission to explore options for calming prices, including setting a temporary price cap.


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