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Gary Adolf, a great machine for suspense and unique humour

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There’s a cute little movie that pissed off a lot of stylish Western critics. he claims Gary Adolf According to the most reliable diverse And the guardian The film is directed by a Russian-Israeli director Leon Brodovsky “He lowers to the muzzle of my mom I missed the plane” and “Life of Eccentric Stupidity.” Here, let’s do as Professor Keating asks fleeting moment Foreground with Prichard’s Sketch: We’re tearing up, indeed shutting down, the web pages of Mr. Bradshaw and Mr. Debruge’s reviews. They saw, as they say, another movie. Then for heaven’s sake don’t face it Schindler’s Listbut not even in front of that hypocrisy paciugo de Life is beautiful.

After a quick introduction to the general Eastern European of 1934 in the garden of a Jewish family home as the daughter tries to operate the camera to take a picture of the whole family, we hop into a South American country in 1960. In a small hilly house, isolated, shabby but functional, Mr. Polsky lives (David Heyman), a A Holocaust survivor. The man has prostate problems, a chess phenomenon and in his rugged backyard grounds, he gently grows a charcoal rose plant. However, his sad and shaggy retreat is disturbed by the arrival of a neighbor. Yes, because, paradoxically, another small house is attached to the Polsky house and nothing else is kilometers away. Herzog (A Udo Care With a white dog, tall and thick, very cold). Polsky is clearly as angry as a hyena, also because the wolf dog after piercing the fence is defecating on his beloved roses. Thus begins Brodovsky’s film with some skirmishes, even vaguely outrageous, between neighbors who can’t stand each other.

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Until Frau Kaltenbrunner shows land registry papers where it was written that Herzog owned 24 square meters of additional land, it happened to be a large tract of land in Polsky’s garden with rose plant. Open heaven. At this point there is an open war between the two. But wait a minute. Polsky understands that Herzog is a very well-known, important and famous person, and indeed he is: Fuhrer. It is inevitable for survivors of death in concentration campsObsessed with revealing that unknown neighbor and murderer He became the only goal every hour of the day: he would review biographies, photos, and information of all kinds about Hitler, as well as use a rickety tripod with a telephoto lens hidden behind a window to classify certain evidence of his extraordinary intuition as the salvation of the world. A sincere friendship between the two old men is born behind some chess challenges and that a desire for revenge mixed with a psychophysical fragility (something reminiscent of the Daniel Jagliannon years) is not exactly turning point Perhaps it was expected.

Gary Adolf It’s a perfect machine for suspense and unique humor where tragic continually mingles with comedy (Brodovsky speaks of “Hasidism like”) often flashing proportions of the absurd and the grotesque. In short, in addition to the sacred comment of disbelief (is he or isn’t he, as one famous comedian put it), there is a peculiar stylistic system characterized by a look that often stresses subjectively the inner/outside group of Kochen. Neighbors without indulging in space travel (a couple only) or time gaps (except for the intro), with the inexhaustible rhythm that seems traditional for close-ups that never match on the pitch and vice versa. Gary Adolf It’s all in this precious expressive path of meaning where hate and friendship push each other, laughs, and, let’s be clear, we never respect the story with famous capitals. Cinema-type blue-gray monochrome photography by the excellent Radek Ladjok. Our advice is to see her. So we understand whether or the Guardian is right.

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