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GameStop’s last August restock is coming, and no boost! Here are all the details

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From GameStop is about to arrive Latest PlayStation 5 restock in August 2022. This hot month also ends with the name of the new Sony console in a way that will please many of you who haven’t found it yet.

As you know in recent days, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 in both the standard and digital versions will suffer a price increase of 50 euros. This increase will also start in Italy, but at least for the time being it has not yet come into effect.

There will be a new restock Wednesday August 31, 2022 starting at 15:00. Pay attention to the time, because the live stream will start one hour before the classic Wednesday live stream on GameStop TV.


During the live broadcast, the exact moment when PlayStation 5 can be purchased will be announced. As always Updated in real time by subscribing and activating Telegram channel notifications dedicated to offers. In any case you can Watch the live video on GameStop at this address.

For the occasion, a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Second Bundle observer DualSense Midnight Black Six Spirits Headphones Multi-Dimensional Remote Control Charging Dock for Controllers and Gift Trolley €50 for PSN.

Everything will be available for purchase at a price of 569.98 euros. This means that given the contents of the package, The increase has not yet taken effect And it may be the last chance to make the console for you before the 50 euro increase.

So all that’s left is I’m giving you an appointment again for Wednesday, August 31 starting at 15:00 with the new GameStop LIVE Television and stock of PS5.

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