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Already 5 Confirmed Games Coming for Day One –

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We are still waiting for the official announcement of the second round of April 2022 for the year Xbox Game Passbut they are already there 5 confirmed matches arrive to May 2022 to me First day The catalog is freely accessible to subscribers of the Microsoft service.

Based on previous reports, these are the longest anticipated games arriving in May 2022 at launch On Xbox Game Pass:

It’s clear she’s still one partial listConsidering that the official announcement of the upcoming games in May for Xbox Game Pass will arrive in just a few weeks and will be split into two regular submissions between the first and second half of the month, but these are already confirmations we have at the moment.

Journey to my day, screenshot from the game

Citizen Sleeper is a special and complex RPG with a sci-fi setting, based on a great freedom of choice that is given to the player. Journey to my dayof which we’ve seen fifteen minutes of gameplay in recent days, is a scrolling action adventure centered on feudal Japan, while Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a classic JRPG, bearing in mind Suikoden’s spiritual successor and developed by some of the authors themselves.

Elite Sniper 5 It is the new chapter of a shooter with tactical elements focused on the shooter’s character in World War II, while the Pac-Man Museum is a reinterpretation of the Namco classic to celebrate its history. For the rest, we are waiting for the announcement of the matches of the second half of April 2022, after we have seen the games of the first half of the month.

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