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OK, but who is La Zara: The Canadian singer who can beat France at Eurovision 2023 – MOW

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Since the Canadian artist was announced as the French standard-bearer in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, with his mixed style between urban and chanson, Alvan & Ahes can make France stand up again after the hole in the water.

LShe will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. It’s a snap from Quebec to Liverpool, but why would a Canadian artist (of Moroccan descent) be the French standard-bearer at a European music competition? Let’s go in order. The Eurovision Song Contest is, despite what one might think, a music contest between televisions, not between countries: the organizer is actually the EBU (European Broadcasting Union, Eurovision to be clear) which is the organization that “links together” the national televisions. of Europe. Added to these are associated TVs, including Australian SBS (which has in fact continuously competed in the ESC since 2015 and, in some cases, even threatened to win).

But why a Canadian artist for France, and who, after all, is La Zara? La Zarra, the stage name of Fatima Zahra Hafti, is an artist born in Montreal in 1997 who was nominated for NRJ Music Award Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2021 and has a platinum record for the single “Tu t’. en iras” (“Only on Spotify” with 20 million streams). Whoever wrote to you, among other things, was unconscious The single “Sans Moi”, released in 2022, has now surpassed 2 million streams Popular platform.

The Canada-Eurovision combination is undoubtedly a successful combination: it was the Canadian Celine Dion who won in 1988, representing Switzerland and bringing the crystal microphone to Swiss soil, with the song “Ne partes pas sans moi”. He sanctified it internationally. The “multicultural bonus” is represented by Moroccan descent, which aside from portraying a typical Eurovision Song Contest contestant (portrayed as a multi-ethnic artist, Part of the LGBTQIA+ community, he acts in the language of the country he represents and sustains the impact), we also see many artists who competed and sometimes won: this is the case of Frida Pokhara, the winner of the 1969 edition, but we should not forget Amir in 2016 (among others we remember his duet with Indila in the 2020 single “Carousel”) and given in the favorites of the 2019 edition Bilal Hasani.

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HolyAs to why a Canadian artist represents a country other than his own, the answer is simple: From this point of view Eurovision has no limits. San Marino is the best example of this: in 11 years to represent the Titan, the competition has boasted 10 representatives from 6 different nationalities. In addition to San Marino Miodio, Valentina Monetta and Anita Simoncini, the Italians Senhit (of Eritrean descent), Michael Berniola and Achille Lauro, the German Jennifer Brenning, the Americans Jimmy Wilson and Flo Rida (she, the world famous rapper), the Maltese Jessica Muscat and the Turkish Serhat.

But then it can Will La Zarra really bring our French cousins ​​to victory? Technically yes, but it’s too early to tell. First, it must be remembered that France does not have to overcome the barrier of the semi-finals of the Big 5 (ie the founding fathers and main financiers of the EBU, together with Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom). ), and secondly, France , since its inception (with Tom Leib in 2020, an edition was later canceled due to the pandemic) selected artists locally (i.e. without going through a national selection like our Sanremo, Benidorm Fest for Spain, Festival i Cenges for Albania, “Una voz per san” for Titano Marino” or the eternal favorite Melodifestivalen for Sweden), with Barbara Bravi and her second place in 2021 but did not collect significant results. Voilà” (behind our menesque “shut up and good”): too Last year, Alvan & Ahes closed with a bang with their song “Fullen”, a song entirely in Breton. 24th out of 25 finalists. However, it must be said that it is premature to talk about what will happen between this competition and May, because not all the competing countries have lifted their reservations on artists and songs in the competition and neither French leader Alexandra Red-Amiel’s delegation nor La Jara have time to write which song they will compete with in Liverpool.

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At a rough guess, though, I’d even listen to La Zara’s earlier songs We think this election could at least hold the French tricolor to ransom After a lack of results.

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