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Futsal: Milani Auto Repair Shop Wins Summer 2022

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Milani Auto Repair Workshop

Bar Nives / Hotel Lucrezia Borgia / Magik Pizza / Autoofficina Milani has won the 14th edition of the Summer Opes Championship and is back to write his name on the honor roll 3 years after his last success. The victory suffered over 9-4 by defeating Divine 3.0. Autofficina Milani’s superb combination feature puts Mocanu in a position to support the goal in the 4′ minute. At 8′, Divine 3.0 tied with a beautiful right from Vandini. Opportunities are on both sides, but Auto Repair Melanie, unlike Divino 3.0 perceive them, score in order: Sosnovchi with a 7-meter precision right, Chuna with a right-hand diameter, Antonisyuk with the help of Ivanchik and captain Aloshi. Il Divino 3.0 responded with Gargallo with help from Lupini at the end of the first half and with Nutini’s personal 3-5 action at the start of the second half. Tacheuna still runs to Melanie’s auto repair shop and Barbari answers him at 4-6. The double miracle of goalkeeper Squarzoni from Milani Auto Repair and mentioned on reboot is 7-4, it’s the net that cuts the legs of Divine 3.0. In the last minutes, it was the wonderful save of Vandini’s streak, but the divine defense surrenders two more times: Chuna signs a hat-trick himself and Hinko also enters the net that Madkour sends well, ending with a score of 9-4. Hurly Burly is in third place, and he does so thanks to the success she had at the Garden restaurant: the first half balanced with Garden carried over thanks to a goal by Frignani, Mantovani and Audino that overturned Hurly Burly’s score before ‘period; In the second half the garden collapses and the monologue Hurly Burly ends 9-1 with two goals again for Odino and Mantovani, then Bersanetti, Giametta and goalkeeper Novelli.

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no final date B scoreboard, Asini Bradi too ugly for them to be those Nata Tum Gol Fc won 10-0 by dribbling and a superior team game: five goals for Cassoni and poker by Shamout, Birani, perhaps his best, also composed of 2 assists, opening the scoring with a kick Free, also helped for Cassoni and Kousa. For Asini Brady, only one shot is noteworthy towards Tartarini’s goal, but by Gedetti in the 21st minute of the first half. In the third step of the podium, Francolino, in a match with a stunning performance: Saletti’s and Ventoroli props sent the Carlton Hotel to rest at 4-0, after Schiavina’s 1-4 goal in the opening second half. Placido runs to 5-1. Francolino with Serafini and again Schiavina goes to 3-5, but with 3′ from the end Placido is sent off for total yellow cards and the Carlton presented himself with only 5 effective leftovers in 4. Francolino goes in 3 minutes on goal with Serafini once Another, then Bianchi and finally match-winner Chiavina completed a hat-trick by scoring a stunning overtaking goal in the final 6-5.

In the scoreboard c Good match between Oasi del Reno and Giglio: D’Onofrio scored a first-half hat-trick with a score of 1-0, 2-1, 3-3 in Giglio, the first break ending exactly at 3-3. Osei Del Reno equalized with Di Gregorio and then Venotti raised his team’s double 3-2. In the second half, Pavan and Kalzolari to Alwasi 5-3, but Letizia first with a double that affected 5-5 and then Nycastro scored the winning goal for Giglio. Galaxtico’s first success on account of Tabacchi Levigazione Marmi. He balanced the first half with Tabachi Livegazioni Marmi leading 1-0 with Chicoli and 2-1 with Catuzzi, which was reached first by May and then by Monaco at the end of the first half. In the second half, Galaxticos reached the goal first with Grasso and then 3 times with Cornacchia, 6-2 in the 15th minute. Rachita shortens the distance, but Grasso still closes it with a score of 7-3.

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In the Italian Super Cup, Slavatonica United beat leaders Otovicina Lodi and reached the top with 21 rivals and Despa City, whose match against Sevres was postponed. The initial advantage of the Lodi Auto Repair Shop was with a baloney launcher, but the SuperBiondi scored a hat-trick between the break and the start of the second half, for Slavatonica 3-1. Bentivoglio shortens the distance with a right-footed car, but the gem jamb Marchchiori closes the match, in the final comes Bentivoglio’s second personal goal who fixes the score at 3-5. The challenge between Autocarrozzeria Sivieri and Panificio Porta Romana was very exciting. After about ten minutes of studying, Cantelli worked a lengthy right wing and assisted in the middle for Zulu who scored 1-0 for Autocaroziziriya Severe. Porta Romana bakery responds to Morena’s 1-1 surgical penalty. But whoever hurts from punishment, perishes from punishment: first, Zullo and then Piazzi prove themselves snipers and are presented 3-1 to Autocarrozzeria Sivieri. For the bakery, Porta Romana Benini takes the chair first assisting from a 2-3 side foul by Silvestri launcher and then with an angled eye sees the entry from Morina’s right and needs a bright filter The central attacker has no trouble turning into a 3-3 goal. It’s not time to cheer because Piazzi is still putting his team forward at the end of the first break. The second half starts with a good job on the left by Cioffi, who sends Mastrocinque down the middle, who turns it on to Benini who with a low diagonal drives the corner 4-4. The game is decided by the strongest and most technical player on the field, with Zullo getting alone and with a left crosser completing his personal hat-trick by signing the winning goal. The Assacro sul Giglio also did a good job: the arcs of Ludato, Abbas and Riccardo Bellati, and Alessandro Bellati’s goal meant the score was 7-3 in the first half. In the second half after Riccardo Bellati’s goal again, Giglio fell to 7-8, but the Bellati brothers with one goal closed them all 10-7. Giglio Marchetti scored in the first half, and Menotti in the second half, and the Boquerissimo striker from Branchini.

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Auto Workshop Milani 9: Squarzoni, Antoniciuc 1, Sosnovschi 1, Mocanu 1, Alushi 1, Tcheuna 3, Hincu 1, Kupsi, Madhkour 1, Ivanciuc. rat herds

DIVINE 3.0 4: La Torre, Tosi, Morelli, Barbari 1, Vandini 1, Lupini, Gargallo 1, Nutini 1, Moraru. Shepherd Marzocchi

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